Give Us A Drop To Drink

Give Us A Drop To Drink

We are so thirsty, just dont forget us this summer

Give us some drops to drink, save us from this bummer



You have already cut our jungles, made us stay in the city

Having taken our natural habitat at least have that much pity

For it is our right to have a share of the resources on this earth

You humans are not the only species who have taken birth

We have kids to feed, to fetch water for them we strive

Its just pure survival that is our main motive and drive

Unlike you who just keep on cutting forests for fun

Say sarcastic words to each other, have words of pun

We the innocent birds are only demanding a little water

At least save some of us, why you have to always slaughter

For within you humans is the race so divine and pure

Kaliyuga has taken over you, else  you are very nice for sure

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