Beyond The Universe

Beyond The Universe

Living in the world yet so away far far away

From where has this spark come and is here to stay

No more do the attractions of the world seem to draw me any more

For I consider meditation to be my highest goal, not merely a daily chore

Sitting amidst the lofty Himalayas, just being one with my self inner

The cord that ties me to the world, seems to be drawn thinner and thinner

It is only a matter of time when I leave for my eternal journey alone

Nothing will accompany from the accumulated things, not even a pebble or stone

So why are you wasting your time o man, why dont the truth you seek

Despite having all the universal power, you behave so limited and meek

Realize your own self and roar like lion, there is a jungle out there

He gives equal opportunity to all, the Divine is always just and fare

The devil will come with all its force, will try to win over by charm

Yet with the inner self protecting me, it can never do any harm

The height attained by this practice will be beyond any such peak

That will be the real glory, and you will be gorgeous and sleek


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