Ardhnarishwar: The Lord

Ardhnarishwar: The Lord

This is a lesser known form of the Lord Divine

In this concept is hidden a message sublime


Yin and Yang always rule the roost but in equal measure

The yogi who achieves this finds the ultimate treasure

Without both Shiv and Shakti, the balance doesnt exist

In this Ardhnarishwar form, there is a spiritual twist

Let us remember that there is no difference in genders, just equality

The two are one, just appear different for maya arises from duality

So to keep this world in motion, to keep the circle of life going forever

This concept of genders was utilized by Mother Nature, isnt it clever

In these Navratris when you visualize and worship the form so pure

You will attain Nirvana, without any doubt, just you can be sure

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