True Martyr or False Witness? Justice Delivered? You Decide

True Martyr or False Witness? Justice Delivered? You Decide


We at Metaphysics Knowledge do not usually get involved in news and gossip but we are putting forth a post on this topic as we believe its a question of truth, sensitivity and karmas – all intermingled in a complex web. Now with the judgement of the Honourable Court in place we are not saying if any of the parties to the case was false or true, but only giving our opinion in the form of a few lines…

Sometimes the battle between good and bad is not too obvious for everyone to see

This is a similar incident where someone did a mistake and from the scene did flee

There was a person who stood by the truth, or at least what he believed was true

For the sake of that, he had to undergo nearly  hell torture, all he went through

The images show the transformation which marred the witness, dont know what is the fact

Yet we only believe that whatever is the actual case, the law of karma in its own time will act

No one can escape any karmas, even though for some time it might seem that power wins

Whether the most humble on earth or mighty powerful, everyone has to pay for their sins

We are not saying that Patil was true, neither blaming Salman and declaring him guilty in the end

Yet what happened that suddenly everything turned topsy turvy, which way the rules bend

Let the Almighty decide whether Patil was a true martyr who sacrificed all for the truth’s sake

Or was he just hell bent on proving the celebrity wrong, which wasnt at all a piece of cake

Common sense only tells that something did go wrong somewhere all across the case

Yet we fully believe that whoever was wrong will pay, the consequences he will face

May God Bless both these men, they were just doing their own duty in the battle

They both fought like brave soldiers, they certainly both proved their mettle

We let the final result rest with destiny who in its own time and manner do justice supreme

You cannot avoid the action of karmas, not matter how far you go, even the farthest extreme

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