Ghost Hunting Equipment

Ghost Hunting Equipment

Ghost hunting equipments as the name itself suggests that these are equipments that are used to hunt ghosts in a house or building. They can be of many types and with the increase in sophisticated technology we have come across more and more sophisticated instruments. We will now discuss about the Ghost hunting equipments and how they are used to look for the unknown. I hope you will find this article as interesting and informative as we found it while writing the same.

The first and the oldest tool that have been used for ages as ghost hunting tools is the board used to call ghosts as ask them the questions that we have in mind. It is said this board attracts the spirits to the board and when they are asked questions the pointer on the board automatically moves and the spirits answer the questions that we are asking them. It has been used for ages and across the countries. But with the advancement in technology more sophisticated machines have come up that can be located in many stores across the world. The ghost hunting equipment is now easily available to all and any one can purchase them. Some of the online stores are also selling the ghost hunting equipments online. If you are sceptical about how you can used them then let us assure you that they are very easy to operate. They come with a guided manual. Reading this anyone can understand how these ghost hunting tools can be used. Similarly if you are buying online then you can check the online guide of how to use the ghost hunting tools. You can also get more information online on how these ghost hunting tools can be used.

Ghost hunting equipment is useful not only for those who are paranormal experts. These can also be used by normal people to check if their houses are having any paranormal activity. Hiring a paranormal expert might cost you a lot of money. In order to avoid spending such huge amount on hiring an expert you can buy these ghost hunting equipments and check for yourself if your house is haunted. Once you find that the houses is haunted you can call for the paranormal experts and get the necessary activities done to set the spirits free. Simple right! It can also be bought by students who are planning to learn paranormal activity. Even those who want to understand paranormal activity as a hobby can use these ghost hunting equipments. You can trust these goods completely as they are made by experts in this subject. They are generally of good quality and always give accurate results. Never underestimate the readings that you get when you use the ghost hunting equipment. Even if someone is using it for the first time they might get the correct results.

The first in the list is the GHS Geophone. It is an instrument that records slight vibrations. It can detect unseen footsteps and movements. You can use the instrument with lights if the lights get on that means there is a presence in the house. The cost of this is around eighty dollars. It is a very simple tool to use. Electric charge detector is the next simple instrument that you can use to identify paranormal activities. It is also called ECD-102. It is like an electroscope. It is a simple instrument that records high voltage. It can also measure a one volt current. It can record invisible electronic vibrations. It is belived that spirits carry electric charge so when they come in contact with this machine they can be easily detected and recorded. The price of it is as less as fifty dollars. It works on simple principles of positive and negative energy.

Another device that you can use from the list of ghost hunting equipment is the Sony Handy Cam full spectrum camcorder. This is a product from Sony Company. This is a simple camcorder that is equipped with full spectrum. It is very useful to understand paranormal activity. It is absolutely user friendly and reliable. It can be easily placed in any part of the house easily. It will record all the activities that are happening in the house and when you play the video you will be able to understand all the happenings better. The cost of this is a little expensive around three hundred and forty dollars.

Nikon coolpix full spectrum camera is very commonly used ghost hunting equipment. This is the product of the Nikon Company.  It is very commonly used as it is user friendly and compact. It is a full spectrum version and catch movements that normal eye cannot. It is a high end camera. It is priced around two hundred and fifty dollars. Another ghost hunting equipment that is very commonly used it is called the full spectrum converted motion camera with temperature detector. It can click single and multiple shots. It can also record videos. It has built in IR lights. It has super long battery life. This is much more than many other cameras. It comes with a standard SD cards. The price of this is one hundred and ninety five dollars. Another advantage of buying these products from the online stores can also get you additional discounts.

Another interesting ghost hunting equipment that you can use in case the above equipments fail. It is called the skull cam full spectrum head mount video. It is a camera that is placed on a skull. It is small in size and cannot be seen easily. You can also place this in a dark room and it still captures all the movements that happen in there. It is a very powerful camera and is extensively used in ghost hunting. The price is around four hundred dollars. This camera cannot be used in the day light and to record the family events as it will give a pinkish hue in the pictures. Yes or no spirit communication trigger prop. This device has a green and red button. The red is for no and the green button is for yes. The red button lights up if there is spirits and the green button when there are spirits around. The price is about eighty dollars. The ovilus X is the last ghost hunting equipment that we are going to discuss now. It is the equipment in which is an experimental ITC device. It can even talk. It utters words as per the readings and the environmental conditions. It is a speech synthesis device. It is priced at two hundred and thirty dollars. If ordered online it can take up to ten days to deliver.

These are the various ghost hunting equipments that you can use in order to look for spirits in your house or in your neighbourhood. I hope you will find these equipments of help. If you find any readings then do confirm it with an expert and get their opinion on the same. It is not necessary that all spirits will because you harm. Some spirits can be friendly and not cause you any harm. Even these docile spirits can be located with the use of the ghost hunting equipment.

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