Feng Shui Tools – Crystal Balls

Feng Shui does mention of various tools. One such tool that is used a lot in Feng Shui is crystal balls. There can be many sizes and types of crystal balls. Each crystal ball has a different function. We will discuss in details about each of the crystal balls now in this article and how each one of them can be used.

A house will have different levels of energy coming and going. The space will need some harmonious energy and calming effect. If you place a crystal ball in the house you will notice that there is a harmonious effect of that in the house. Each of the crystal balls has a different purpose and they can be used for various reasons. From marriage related issues to financial problems. As per the type of the crystal that you use and where you place them each one of them will have a different role to play.

It is always recommended to get the crystal balls blessed by a healer. That will improve the ability of the crystal balls to bring in more positivity to the environment and work towards the goal that you want to achieve using the crystal ball. Always keep in mind that the crystal ball is constantly working on removing the entire negative energy circle from your house. As a result the crystal ball is always filled with a lot of negative energy. Try to clean the crystal balls from time to time. Almost every week once you should clean the crystal ball. Take some water and mix sea salt into it. In case you do not have sea salt, you can use normal salt also for the same purpose of cleaning the crystal. Keep the crystal in this solution for a while and after that remove and use a cloth to dry it. The cloth that you use should not be rough. The crystal should not get scratched and must never have any cloth fibre on it. If a little bit of fibre is left on the crystal it will not work. After that place the crystal the way you want or you have been advised inside the house. You can also light a sage near the crystal ball to ensure that the negative energies are removed.

Ancient Druids

Crystal balls were first mentioned in ancient Druids. This civilization lived in British Isles during the Iron Age. The crystal balls have always been considered as magical and strong containing spiritual qualities. In ancient Europe there was a strong belief that crystal balls can connect the spiritual world to the physical world that we live in. If you look at a crystal ball for some time you will feel the power of it. There is a magic and a force in a crystal ball that can never be denied.

Feng shui very highly recommends crystal balls for various purposes.  An expert or a healer will be able to help you the best in this matter. We will now take you through the different types of crystal balls that you can find. We will explain about each of the crystals and how each of them can be used.

The common types of crystal balls that can be used are

Rose quartz – The colour of this quartz is red and that is why it is often suggested for love and heart related issues. Quartz has the ability to remember what was told to it and it will constantly work to ensure that it full fills what was told to it. For example a person is suffering from relationship or heart related issues. The Feng Shui healer gives this person a rose quartz and tells the quartz to solve the love related problems. The rose quartz will work exactly in those lines that it has been instructed. It will try to find love for the person or it will try to re kindle love as it may be the case. The rose quartz is very commonly used in feng shui.

Carnelian –  This is another common stone that is used in feng shui. It has a lot of healing properties. It can fill a person with a lot of positive energy. It promotes creativity. If a person is going through depression and needs motivation for success. This can be a good stone for healing and bringing positivity. If blessed by a feng shui healer it can work even better. There are different forms and types of Carnelian crystals that are available with the feng shui healers. It is very effective in dealing with apathy.

Clear quartz – It looks clear and you can see through it. These crystals have the ability to give clarity to the mind and help us to think better and get over all negativities. It is considered to be the most effective of all the crystals that are used in feng shui. It can help to heal very quickly and make a person emotionally stronger. It can really magnify the amount of positivity around you. If you want to get peace of mind and want to move towards spiritualism this can be very effective. You can easily find bracelets and other decorative items made of these that you can use and keep with you.

Black tourmaline – It is a black colour stone. It does not look very attractive. Considered to be the most effective protective stone. It can protect you from negativity of all types. It is a very strong stone that can be used for metaphysical purposes. It is given to those who need protection from black magic. If the healer feels that you have been subjected to something negative like a black magic they can give you this stone to ensure that you come out of the spell and get back to a normal life. It can really help people. Many wear it as pendants and also as bracelets. Like any other crystal this too needs to be cleansed. The best way is to put it in salt water for a while and then expose to the smoke of sage. It can harmonize and protect all the chakras. Takes us forward on the path of spiritualism.

Citrine –   It is a yellow coloured stone. It radiates the warmth and the energy of the sun. It is commonly used in Feng shui. It is considered to be a very lucky and powerful crystal. It can attract money and abundance into your life. These are commonly used in making jewellery. You can also find small trees that are decorated with these crystals. These trees are commonly available with any feng shui shop. Always keep this tree in the South Eastern part of the house. It will attract wealth and abundance. The Citrine that we get today is mostly made in the lab. It is not a common stone to find naturally. However, they do have a same effect. The same stone can be used by creative people to enhance their creativity and ability to think. It helps the physical body to become more creative and decisive.

Celestite – Another common crystal that is used in feng shui is Celestite. It is used for ensuring harmony and peace. It helps the mind to meditate and become calm. It also helps the person who has it to become better with communication. You can also keep it next to your bed as you sleep. It will ensure that you will get a deep and good sleep without any bad dreams. You can also place it on your forehead and meditate for a while a day. This will help to open the chakras. It must be washed with salt water at least once a week to take away the negativity.

We hope that this article will help you to understand about the different types of crystals and how they can be used for various Feng shui related issues. We will try to get more information about these in our articles to come.

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