Emerald in Astrology

Emerald in Astrology

Astrology is an ancient science that claims that we are born under certain planetary influences that will always be a part of our life and determine our future. Considering the planetary positions as in our birth chart different stones are recommended. For example if you were born when the sun was not in a strong position you will not be able to do much good professionally. This is exactly why the astrologers will suggest you a stone that can improve the position of sun for you. Well we will in this article discuss emerald in astrology.

Before we move into the connection between emerald and astrology we will give you a brief idea about the stone. It is called panna in Hindi and most of the regional language in India. It is a green colour stone as shown in the picture enclosed. It can be of different shades and cut. You must consult an astrologer before you decide on which stone to wear. Most of the astrologers will give the stone. You must consult them and buy it. The price of emerald depends on its size and cut. Even the size needs to be decided by the astrologer. You cannot wear any size emerald. If the emerald is not of exact required size it may either harm you or do no good. It is an expensive stone and a beautiful one too. One ratti (this is the Hindi version of measuring the size of any stone). The stone can be square, round or oval. The shape of the stone must be recommended by the astrologer.

The stone must be worn as a ring or a pendent. Gold is the metal that goes best with emerald. Well we must tell you one thing here. Each stone goes with a particular metal. The metal is either silver or gold. If you by mistake make a silver ring for emerald you will never get the desired results. This is another reason why you must consult an astrologer before you make the ring. When you buy the stone ensure that it does not have any cracks and spots. It should be clear. Many women get attracted toward the stone and make rings or jewellery just because they are fascinated by its beauty. Well if you are planning to wear one do ask your astrologer else you may get into trouble. You can sometimes wear emerald jewellery that is not a problem but wearing it long term can cause concerns if the stone is not meant for you.

It is worn in the little figure always. Right hand for women and left for men is where the ring is worn. The best day to wear this stone is Wednesday. Always take a certificate about the gem when you buy it. These are some points that you must keep in mind when you wear this beautiful stone named emerald. A word of caution that we must give this is a very powerful stone. Before you wear it keep it under your pillow for three nights while you sleep. If you get peaceful sleep only then wear the same. The astrologer will tell you a time period after which you must remove the stone. Do keep this timeline in mind. If you wear the stone for a longer time it may cause more harm than benefit. When you open the stone throw it in water. Never give t to anyone else or sell it. Doing this can bring you massive ill fortune.

The Vedic astrology says that when you wear a stone in your body. There is a reaction that happens. For example sun light and water when they touch the stone the reflection will fall in your body. This ray will enter your body through the skin and thereby in the long run make a major difference in your life. Interesting right how a stone can make a huge difference in our life. If you are sceptical then let me tell you that try consult an astrologer and see how a stone can change your life. Many people across the world wear gem stones and have been benefited by the same too. Emerald is a very commonly worn stone.

As already discussed each stone is associated with one of the nine planets in the solar system. Similarly the emerald is associated with the planet Mercury. It is associated with Buddhi (intelligence). It improves the power of the brain, speech and memory. Mercury is the planet of knowledge and communication. If your Mercury is weak then you will face a lot of problem at work. Weak mercury can also lead to a lot of health trouble. This is exactly why this stone is recommended. This stone thereby makes one professionally very strong. This can improve your health. Help you to take better decisions. Irrespective of your profession this can be worn. This is recommended to many students too as it improves intellect.

The stone can bless the bearer with children. Increase wealth and property. As money making needs brains right. As per the sun sign (western astrology) these stones can be worn by Virgo and Gemini. However, in Hindu astrology these stones are recommended as per birth charts. The stone makes one more attractive physically as a result it is recommended to people who are not getting married. It reduces pain in pregnancy so is often suggested to pregnant women. It keeps evil spirits away from the person. It can also protect people from snake bite. It has the ability to add patience and concentration in whatever the person is doing. It definitely improves the personality of the person who wears the same.

I hope this will help you to understand all that you need to know about emerald in astrology. This is a very strong stone that we recommend definitely after consultation with an astrologer. However, do keep in mind the points that we have mentioned in this article about what you should do before you wear it.

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