Astral Travel For Beginners

Astral Travel For Beginners
Astral Travel

Astral Travel

Astral body is considered to be a part of our physical body. It is like a soul. The astral body has the capacity to leave the physical body and come out.

It is the source of the outer body experience that anyone of us could possibly have. It helps us to travel out of our body.

The presence of astral body has been proved in many near-death incidents. The people dying can see their body from the ceiling of the room they are sleeping in. In many out of the body experience the astral body finds a mention. We will now discuss a little more about the astral body and also astral travel for beginners.

Some people have experienced the astral body when they have met with a fatal accident or when they have encountered as incident that has caused them immense physical or mental trauma. Some people can also experience it during normal sleeping time. It is very often that we feel Déjà vu. This is a phenomenon where we feel that the things that are happening to us now have happened before or we are living a dream.

Well some experts believe that some of us have the ability to travel out of our body and move forward in time. This is possible due to our astral body. When the astral body moves out and then gets back it brings back the memories of what it saw. These glimpses that the astral body comes across during this journey stay in our subconscious mind. This also can be the basis of our sixth sense. This ability of the astral body to move back and forward in time is termed as astral travel. This is the simple aspect of astral travel.

It is interesting that many cultures across the world do mention the astral travel. The terms may be different. However, the essence remains the same. The explanation of the concept is similar. This makes our belief even stronger that astral body does exist. It is within us and we all can control it. Some of us have experienced the astral body unknowingly and some of us have done so knowingly. We have discussed how in near to death experience people often see their astral body traveling out of the physical body.

However, you can also learn the technique of astral travel. Once you have learnt it you can practice it from time to time. As a result you may even become a specialist in the same. We will now discuss some points that you must know in case you want to take up astral travel seriously.

The first point is that you must understand what astral body is all about. You must know what you can achieve by astral travel. The astral travel can be very dangerous too if you are not careful enough about the process. The second point about astral travel is that you must learn it from an expert. The guide you select must know the process well. If the guide you have selected is not well aware of the astral travel process. He or she will not be able to help you.

The place where you practice the astral travel should be one where you are extremely comfortable. It can be even your own bedroom. You must ensure that you wear loose clothes and you are comfortable enough. So people also prefer to do it without clothes. This is because you are most comfortable in this form. You will have to close your eyes and relax. You must relax your body completely. This is very important in this process. If you are not comfortable you will not be able to feel your astral body and experience the astral travel. By closing your eyes and relaxing we mean that you should be comfortable but you should not sleep off. If you sleep then you will not be able to experience this feeling.

The astral travel experience needs a lot of practice and patience. It is a difficult state to attain and you will have to work really hard to get it right. You will have to let your body lose. You will definitely need a well-trained guide who can take you through the process. Nevertheless, you will have to concentrate on the process of astral travel too.

These will ensure that you have a good experience while you practice the astral travel. You can get lost in the beginning. If you have a guide to help you then you will be able to get back. The astral travel needs a very close coordination of the body and the mind. This coordination can be achieved only by few. You will need a lot of practice and help from a learned guide to help you achieve success.

You can use audio aids in order to understand the process of astral travel better. These are easily available. They relax your body and tune in the brain frequencies accordingly so that you can experience the astral travel better. These tips are useful not only to the beginner but also to someone who has been practicing the process of astral travel. These tips are simple and must be followed in order to attain the goal. It is said that by regular practice of astral travel one can attain a better mental and spiritual health. These will also help you to calm down. You can practice astral travel just after waking up or a little before you go to sleep. It is definitely interesting to know what your body and mind can achieve.

Once you start practicing astral travel regularly you will notice that there has been a very good change in your life. I hope we have explained all the aspects of astral travel for beginners. Many people across the globe are trying to learn the astral travel. You can find a guide easily online. You must be aware of what you can expect from the astral travel and how you can ensure that you achieve your spiritual goal. Keep exploring!

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