Blue Sapphire Engagement Rings: Good Or Bad?

Blue Sapphire Engagement Rings: Good Or Bad?

This article may not fit well into the metaphysics category, yet we keep receiving so many requests from our readers that we thought we should publish something along these lines as well. Actually getting married is a big day for everyone and one of the most important components of pre-wedding is the exchange of rings. Normally people think that rings must and should be only of diamond but very less people know that even blue sapphire rings can be used as engagement and wedding rings. If this is something new for you, find out the ifs and buts associated with it.



Blue Sapphire Engagement Rings? Are you kidding?

If you ask this question, then certainly you are one of those who have fallen prey to the marketing tactics of big players in the gemstone industry who try to sell diamonds at a premium price by creating an artificial demand and since the law of economics simple states that price is the equilibrium between demand and supply, the more the demand the higher prices can be fetched for a commodity, generally speaking.

Keeping this in mind, in the middle of the previous century, De-Beers started a huge campaign to popularize diamonds as the only stone for gifting to your would-be, and it got quite a success. However traditionally it was not so, and there were different stones like sapphire, ruby etc which were used and some of which are even rarer than diamonds.

Astrological Significance of Blue Sapphire Engagement Rings

Those who know about astrology can understand that each gemstone is not suited for every person and hence putting a gemstone which is not compatible with one’s birthchart could prove bad for the person. However this is not a simple thing to judge and can be only done properly by a trained or learned person who knows about astrology, gemstones etc.

So though we do not ever advice people to be superstitious still it is better to consult an astrologer who can check out which stone goes best as far as the compatibility between the people getting married is concerned based on their horoscopes and mutual matching. It will certainly give a boost to their relationship and help them to lead a happier married life.

Significance in Metaphysical Terms

We at Metaphysics Knowledge always believe in spreading the broader message of spirituality rather than any narrowed version of superstitions. Of course astrology is not superstition but we would also like to add that the will power and faith of a person works above anything else. You can also check out out interesting article on the “science of superstition” which tries to explain in a rational way as to why superstitions seem to work for some and not for others. Basically whatever is willed with full force and devotion surely comes to pass, but for the rest of us, rules better be followed for safety.

It can be explained with a simple analogy that we need to drive carefully on road to avoid accidents, even though trained stuntmen could do lot of rash driving with much less probability of a crash. So unless you master the laws of the universe, better be in tune and harmony with them, rather than trying to break them unnecessarily.

Where To Buy Sapphire Engagement Rings?

We have already posted an article on “where to buy gemstones“, and also there is a popular post on “identifying a genuine blue sapphire or neelam”. Still if you have any more queries feel free to contact us. Finally it can be stated that blue sapphire engagement rings are certainly a good option but since it is considered to be quite a powerful stone from the astrological perspective, it is better to consult a gemologist or astrologer before going for such a ring.

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