There Is Still A Chance

There Is Still A Chance

Change while you can, for there is still a chance of life

Dont be afraid as there will always be trouble and strife

Whatever you do, do it fully, remember its never too late

Let others think what they should, you decide your fate

Law of karma will ensure that you get what you deserve

Nature will not delay, on a golden platter she will serve

Either good or bad, its upto you, for its your own choice

Despite the noise of the world, there is hidden inner voice

Which urges and guides you to take on the uphill task

Unveil life before you go, dont let it be behind the mask

Meditation is not only about prayers its the work you do

So do it with devotion and faith, it will take you through

The tunnel of darkness into the all freeing shining light

It will be so peaceful, and the path would be so bright

Make sure you spend time with self, you own inner soul

Without this communion, there is no other external goal

That can bring you real happiness for its just a fleeting joy

In the ocean of the world that is your only floating buoy

The Divine will is gentle yet at same time it is so fierce

In order to apprehend it fully, in order for it to pierce

Into your mind and let you know what is the path best

You have to be patient, no matter how it puts you to test

When storm of circumstances calms and you look behind

Anything to regret or repent, you should never see or find

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