Spirituality vs Terrorism: The Two Extremes

Spirituality vs Terrorism: The Two Extremes

Today as the world mourns the death of 10 journalists/cartoonists who were massacred in broad daylight in a city which is otherwise famous for love, hatred was splashing all across the streets. Earlier the so called followers of Islam wrecked havoc and later on some others threw grenades at mosques.

We at Metaphysical Knowledge usually deal with the spiritual aspects of life but when such sensitive things are happening where people are fighting in the name of religion, we think its our duty to step in and see what is going wrong.

The Cause

Firstly the point of argument is whether freedom of press can go as far as hurting the sentiments of a any particular religion or sect. Well there could be different schools of thought regarding this. Firstly we must acknowledge the fact that Islam, just like any other religion say Hinduism, Christianity, Buddhism and numerous other sects and religions, is very noble and pious and teaches the same high ideals which any other religion teaches.

Prophets of All Religions

Prophets of All Religions

Moreover all the great Saints and Sages of the world are a class apart, they cannot be insulted by any cartoon or publication for truth is beyond any criticism and can stand on its own. So though it can be said that press should remain within certain boundaries, it is also true that any true follower of Islam or any other religion for that matter should not take such offense so as to kill anyone.

Given below are a few of the cartoon publications which the Charlie Hebdo magazine had been publishing over the years. I leave it to the discretion of the readers to decide if these are derogatory but it must be seen in the light of the fact that Islam was not the only religion they targeted, infact they even made cartoons on Christianity. We have cut off certain portions of the cartoons so as not to hurt any sentiments.

Charlie Hebdo Cartoons

Charlie Hebdo Cartoons

Charlie Hebdo on Christianity

Charlie Hebdo on Christianity

Religious but not Spiritual

Recently we carried an article on religious but not spiritual and this is certain applicable in such cases. Any true spiritual person will not bother about such things, and the reason for this is that all religions want a person to dive within and search the truth within. It is too long and difficult a journey that one does not have any time to spend in such things or bother about such controversies.

Here is a short poem dedicated to this situation

When the Prophet would look at his children from above

He would certainly say I was as gentle and pure as a dove

Why do you shed blood, even massacre children in my name?

If you have to do such acts, don’t make such excuses lame

I only preached love towards all humanity, kids and females

Where have you learned all this violence and fighting tales

If you really want the light of Islam spread in the world entire

I am too pure and nobel to be affected by any satire


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