Islam Religion vs ISIS Beheadings: Is There A Connection?

Islam Religion vs ISIS Beheadings: Is There A Connection?

If you watch the news even infrequently, there is a hardly a chance you would not be aware of the ISIS beheadings and the scenario in Iraq. Being a platform related to the spiritual and metaphysical aspects of things, we are not going to discuss the political reasons for the reason and their justifications, but we will take a look at this from the perspective of such acts being carried out in the name of Islam Religion.

Is Islam Religion So Barbaric?

Most of us, especially those who are non-Muslims have a notion that Islam religion is very strict and the followers are usually very harsh, given the acts such as those of ISIS beheadings or similar ones.

I will not go into the details of this statement but can only say that whoever has read their texts carefully can say that there is not much difference

This Is Not Islam

This Is Not Islam

between the Holy Quran or Vedas, or even any other sacred text of the world. This statement may not go down well with the fundamentalists who take every opportunity to make a divide between religions and fulfil their own selfish objectives.

Compassion in Islam Religion

The basis of any spiritual path (remember we are talking of being spiritual even if not religious) is based on very broad and tolerance principles such as considering everyone as equal and having compassion for everyone and anyone. One popular verse of the Holy Quran is “My Mercy encompasses all things” (Qur’an 7:156).

Infact most of the chapters of the Holy Quran begin with the mention of Allah, the compassionate and merciful. So a person who is a true Islamic at heart, and filled with compassion can hardly think of beheading a live human being; infact this applies to any human being no matter what religion he or she might belong to.

Of course there are tens of hundreds of verses from the Quran which can be a proof that Islam religion does respect other religions and human beings and it is only the fundamentalists who take religion for worldly gains that they preach hatred against other communities and religions.

Whom to Blame?

When many people ask me that if Islam religion does not preach hatred and the acts of barbarism such as the ISIS beheadings continue then where is the fault and who is to blame. I can only say in answer of this query is that whoever might be at fault, just ignore that and try to develop a broader

Quran on Compassion

Quran on Compassion

viewpoint in you. Once you are having the perspective of equality and brotherhood, then you can certainly help in some way or the other.

Any Practical Solution

As far as a common person is concerned, he or she is not much concerned about what exactly is written in the Holy texts and in which pages. He or she is mainly interested to know whether their life can go smoothly and whether there is a solution which is provided in these texts. It must be stated that unless spirituality and religion prove themselves on the hardcore ground of daily situations, they are mainly theory and not practical things.

Yet spirituality is one of the greatest science which all Sages, Saints, philosophers and thinkers of the world suggest. It is much more practical than most of us think and has a solution for most problems of the world, in the broad sense of the word and here it is how.

  • Like all religions, sects and cultures, Islam religion also teaches compassion and mercy.
  • This is only possibly if the person meditates regularly and hence develops a pure heart and calm mind
  • Any decision from calm mind and compassionate heart cannot be barbaric

Hence we can see that Islam religion is one of the most benevolent religions like its peers and does not preach hatred but it is only we the people that misinterpret it and acts such as the ISIS beheadings are justified in the name of the Prophet.

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