Independence: The Real Significance

Independence: The Real Significance

Today as we celebrate the Independence day with all enthusiasm and pomp and show, let us reflect on the metaphysical aspects of these celebrations as well. As you all know, we at Metaphysics Knowledge do not get involved in any political or such debates but still we try to see all events from the metaphysical perspective so let us see how the IDay fares on this.

I-Day: Freedom

It goes without saying that freedom is one of the basic requirements for life although defining freedom is very difficult. The freedom that we celebrate or any country celebrates for that matter relates to political freedom and the right to choose the system or people who govern the country.

This is important but the thing is how relevant is this freedom to a common man? Is he still not under any system or law of the land. It is only a perception as to who made the laws and to what extent they want the real good of the common man.

These lines might seem bit anti-national but we only mean to say that real celebration of freedom in the political sense would come on the day when the lowest and poorest human being starving on the streets has the opportunity to rise to the highest authority in the nation. Though some might argue that it is a case of individual karma and nothing can stop the right person, which is also true in another sense.

The Metaphysical Aspect

From the metaphysical aspect we consider entire universe as a single unit and the notion of nation states itself is just a temporary arrangement which divides the universal land into boundaries where certain type of people live and call themselves superior to others. They are themselves divided into classes based on financial status, wealth, knowledge, position or any other attribute and oppress or suppress those who have lesser of these things, so in a way it is quite similar to an arrangement where a so called foreign nation rules the land.

The true freedom is the freedom from all desires and yet having the zeal and enthusiasm to do the highest karma. This might seem impractical to a common man but to the yogi this is the highest form of freedom where he/she can just be free from within. That is the freedom that one needs to achieve and unless that happens, the external freedom is partial and not of much spiritual use.

So does this mean to say, specifically in context of a nation like India that people should not have fought for freedom? Well not in the least for that would be an insult to all the great freedom fighters. The British Raaj of the time was highly oppressive for the common people and it needed to go away. But are we not again becoming financial puppets of big multinational companies?

This is an endless debate but we can only say that having achieved the freedom after paying so much price, we cannot just rest on our laurels. We need to constantly struggle and work to turn this political freedom into real freedom to make it of real worth.

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