The Fire Of Purification

The Fire Of Purification


Whatever may be the differences, at the end the body gets consumed by fire

Whether it is the richest or poorest, they all finally end up at the altar of pyre

The true yogi and Saint does not wait for the day when prana Yam does snatch

And there are normal karamyogis who by their deeds, the Saints they do match

When such a soul leaves this planet the people do remember and strongly wail

Yet the soul has already floated, in the infinite ocean it has set sail

It will again regain the earthly form, but you never know what, when and how

Isnt it such a beauty in grief, it is such an amazing thing to know, o wow

For then the pain vanishes once we know that nothing can destroy

It is just a delusion by satan, the change in form is just a decoy

The consciousness can never vanish, in universal spirit it will just merge

When the karmic accounts get active, from the calm heap it will resurge

Let us learn from the funeral pyre, let us take this lesson for life

One day it will all end, whether its full of happiness or strife

So why muddle too much in local joys, there is infinite joy within

That no one can snatch from you, will remain through all thick and thin

While you have breaths left, just be grateful for you never know which is the last

That day you will leave without any fuss, all of yours will just be past

Even if you dont go in anyone’s happiness, dont miss such occasion just make sure

For the pyre fire is a thing so holy, it will make your mind certainly a bit pure

The holy fire which burns the body, will also take away some of your negative vibe

Just make sure you dont merely live, but you are fully awake and alive

Just Pray that when the time comes, when the body is engulfed in flame

That your soul shines due to your karmas, else you are only one to blame

With this Prayer we close this poem, let the Almighty grant strength to all

Let everyone’s veil of ignorance be broken, let them climb the insurmountable wall

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