The True Significance of Dussehra

The True Significance of Dussehra


Metaphysics Knowledge wishes A Very Happy Dussehra to all our viewers and readers

A few lines dedicated to this day.

Dussehra is the day when you should try to eliminate all evil within

The Rama in you is sufficient to keep you going through thick and thin

Apart from burning the effigy of Ravana, remember his qualities good

It was the great knowledge that at the end Sri Rama by his side stood

Only the ego and selfishness were the bad quailities which got him down

Even you may be great, but if egoistic, everyone will avoid and frown

Remember humbleness is a virtue, it is not a sign of a person who is weak

Just like the Mahatma, The Bapu, who offered even his other cheek

For there is immense power within a person who is innocent and humble

Dont you even dare to do wrong, for the laws of nature will never fumble

With the changing times, the GenNext is forgetting the principles old

They do not realize that it is a real treasure, actually worth its weight in gold

Let us celebrate the festival with all pomp and show and get down to work

Remember we have to shed the negative qualities, in doing this should not shirk

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