Every Day is Mother’s Day

Every Day is Mother’s Day

May 13th of 2018 will be observed all across the world as international mother’s day. It was first celebrated in the year 1914. The idea was proposed by President Woodrow Wilson. He declared that every second Sunday of the month of May will be celebrated as the international mother’s day. Soon the idea gained a lot of popularity all across the world and is celebrated by many.

Another Date of Beginning

It is a day to celebrate the essence of motherhood. Some say that the first mother’s day was actually celebrated in 1907 by a daughter named Anna M. Jarvis. Anna M. Jarvis lost her mother in 1905 and wanted to do something special in her memory. She belonged to Philadelphia and wanted to dedicate a day to all the mothers for the sacrifices a mother can do for her child. Soon this idea started to become popular and in 1914 it was made official. Sunday was chosen as it was a holiday for all and would make the day special ensuring that it can be celebrated by one and all.

Mothering Sunday

Some say that the reason Sunday was chosen because the Mother’s day concept was inspired by the idea of the Mothering Sunday. In the 16th century the concept of mothering Sunday was inaugurated in the UK. This Sunday was chosen for the kids to visit their mothers. In those days the eldest child would get a mothering cake that the entire family would have. The idea was basically to have a family reunion for all on a relaxed Sunday and also to thank the mother for her role in the family. A day in honour of the mother and in some cases the mother would also attend the special church services with the family. This was basically the origin of the international mother’s day that we know today.

The Divine Relationship

It is definitely a great idea to dedicate a day to the mothers for all that they do for the children. The most selfless and purest form of love that anyone can ever witness is the love a mother feels for her children. A love that is selfless and so strong. Even if we do not thank our mothers or have a day to pamper them they will still continue to love us with all their heart. The love of a mother is strong not only in the case of humans but even among animals the bond between a mother and child is strong and pure.

A bond that can never change with time, it is also true that mothers are the most taken for granted people in the life of all individuals. Some argue that is it right to have a special day for the mothers? Just keeping mother’s day on a Sunday actually does not give a holiday to the mothers. We must remember that we must celebrate the mother’s day on daily basis. We must love and respect our mothers always irrespective of the special day we call mother’s day.

Living for Others

Mothers take care of everyone in the family and in this process sometimes they forget to take care of themselves. They always try to do their best for the kids. The working mothers today have to balance work and home. They try to spend quality time with the kids as time is a luxury they do not have. Today the concept of mothers is changing. Years back mother was a person who would be at home and take care of the kids. Today we have stay at home mothers, working mothers, work from home mothers and the list is long.

Women today want to be independent and as a result the concept of motherhood has developed new dimensions. These new roles are complicated. For a woman it is tough to find the right balance between all these. It can be very stressful both physically and mentally. Some young mothers always live under the stress that if they are doing the right thing by leaving the child at home or in a day care. This feeling of guilt makes the modern journey of motherhood even more challenging.

As the concept of motherhood gets more complicated the question is natural to ask if mother’s day must be a one day occasion or it must be a daily celebration. For a mother her kids are the top priority no matter how successful she is as a career woman, as a child try to make your mother’s one of your priority on daily basis rather than waiting for mother’s day.

Dont Forget

It is natural for a child to expect a lot from the mother as a baby. For a baby the mother is the world. However, as we grow we must be grateful towards our mothers and not forget the sacrifices they made for us even a single day. It is good to dedicate a day to the mothers and pamper them. However, we must also ensure that whenever we get a chance we must thank the mothers for what they have done for us. It will make the mothers feel good and taken care of.

Touching the feet of the mother (and other elders) was a tradition that was followed in ancient India. Mother was considered to be the most important person after god. Every day the kids would touch the feet of the mother before leaving the house just to seek her blessings. A mother’s blessings had the ability to protect her children against all evil.

A mother would always bless her children and want the best for her kids. It does not matter if the kids touch the feet of the mother on a daily basis or not. The point that is important here is to remember that perhaps this gesture was a way for the children to express their gratitude towards the mother. Times have changed and today we cannot expect that kids will take time to touch the feet of the mother.

Using Technology

In most cases the kids live away from parents. However, today we have technology that can connect people across the world. Perhaps we must ensure that on a daily basis we try to call or message our mothers. Ask them how their day was and tell them a little about ours. We all live a busy life but taking a few moments out for the people to whom we matter the most can make our days much better and blessed. A mother will never spend a day without remembering her kids.

Next time your mom gives you a call in between an important meeting don’t be rude to her just ensure you call her back to know what she wants. Remember every day is mother’s day and every day you live you owe it to your mother. Do not take mothers for granted their love cannot be replaced by anything ever.

What better lines to express the above thoughts than the lines of a punjabi folk song which has been sung across villages since ages

मां दे सिर तो वारी दुनिया

मां बचियाँ लाई सारी दुनिया

सड़दे धुप्पे बोत जो सिर ते छाँ नी रहेंदी

दुनिया सुन्नी हो जावे जद मां नी रहेंदी

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