How do you decide if you are a success or a failure?

How do you decide if you are a success or a failure?

What is success and failure? Many of us often suffer from the feeling that we are not successful enough like our friends and relatives. The question is what we consider as a success before we get into more details of this topic. Both success and failure are nothing but ideas. If you think you are a success or you think you are a failure it is all in your mind.

Try to change this idea and you will see that the world has changed for you. For example suppose you are a beggar on the streets and you do not get enough food. Somehow you managed to earn well one day and get tasty hot food for your family this is success.

The beginning

When you are born you do not have any idea of what success is and what failure is all about. As you grow you start to see people around you. Your parents, your friends and others in your family teach you things. They tell you what success is and what failure is. So ultimately this idea is not yours either. It is an idea that was put in your head by someone you do not even remember.

Different benchmarks of success

Getting good marks is success; failing in exams is a failure for some. Getting a good job and making good money is success to some and others think if you do not make enough money you are a failure. The society you live in and the culture you have been brought up in teach you all this. These are nothing but notion which has very little to do with reality. Success is not about the money you have earned. Success is the love and respect you have got in life. If people recognise you for your work you are a success. Do not let the ideas of others govern your life and make you think that you are a failure or a success.

Be Happy

The ultimate aim of life is to be happy. So try to be happy in whatever you are doing. One day I was thinking that my life is a failure because I stay at home and look after my child. I do not earn much and I do not know what I would achieve in my life ultimately. Then I realised that I was happy and I got to spend time with my child which is something that not many women enjoy and they crave for this. So I am a success because I am happy and I am doing what I like to do and always wanted to do.

There is always an opportunity

Life is full of possibilities there cannot be any success or failure in life unless you think like that. You must look at your own well being. If you are happy then you are a success. What is the point of having all the money and spending most of your time worrying about what will happen if you lose all your money? The only goal of human life is to get.

Whatever we see in our life is just an illusion. It is situations that make us and we must try to properly understand the situation that we are in. Good and bad both are needed for us to grow and develop. Let us look at an example here. Once there was a farmer he wanted to have a good maize crop. He saw that nothing was happening as per his will when he wanted rain god was giving sunshine. successfailure

When he wanted water there were heat waves so he personally went to gods and he told them that he wanted the power to control the forces of nature so that he gets a good crop. God gave him the power. He got back and did as per his will and got a good crop as there was rain on time and sunshine also on time.

When the time for harvest came the farmer was shocked as there was no maize in the crops. He went to the lords and complained the farmer felt that the gods had played some trick with him. Te gods replied that the farmer forgot the wind. When strong winds blow the plants get scared and so they take the roots deeper into the soil to ensure that the winds cannot blow them off. This ensures that the plants get good nourishment and they give a better yield.

Wind here is like the situations we face in life. If we can deal with a situation we are successful. Not all of us get the same situations. Where you have reached is not important the distance that you have travelled is what matters. Suppose you were born rich and you remained in the same situation throughout your life that is not success. If you were born to a poor parent and you accumulated some wealth in your life that is success. So please do not compare yourself with others when it comes to success and failure.

The competition is with what is there within you. God has put you in a situation try to make the most of it and get out the best in you. If you can do that you are a success and people will look up to you. Whatever is happening around you is not important what is happening within you is all that matters. Be happy and work towards mukti of your soul. Look deeper within you. Your well being is important for you and for everyone around you.

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