Remedies for Chandra Dosha

Remedies for Chandra Dosha

As per Hindu astrology there are many types of doshas. We have tried to discuss about the different doshas like Shani dosha and how you can deal with them. In this particular article we will discuss about the Chandra dosha.

The Moon in Astrology

Chandra in Hindu astrology is moon. Moon plays a very crucial role in the horoscope. Chandra means something that is bright as per Sanskrit. Moon is very significant that is why in vedic astrology moon sigh is given more importance than the sun signs. The Hindu astrology is of the opinion that the moon sign will have a more significant affect in the life of the person rather than the sun sign.

Mind and Moon

The moon has a very close connection with the mind. The moon sigh thereby is an indicator of the fact what the mind of the person will actually be like. If a person has moon in the fourth house it is considered to be the best position. The moon plays a very important role if your moon sign is water sign for example Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio.

If moon is placed in a favourable position you will not have any problems. However, if the position of the moon in your horoscope is not fine then you will face a lot of problems and it is called the Chandra dosha.

Chandra Dosha Details

As moon controls the mind it is quite obvious that a misplaced moon in the horoscope can mean mental trouble. A person who has the Chandra dosha will suffer from depression and other mental problems. They tend to worry a lot and do not get along with people. These people come across as insensitive and rude to many.

Emotional maturity is very important in all aspect of life and that is what is controlled by the moon. The stone for moon is the moon stone. The day of moon is Monday. Even pearls are suggested to people who have Chandra dosha. People who have a strong moon have attractive personalities and they have the ability to deal with any problems with peace of mind.

The ones who do not have a strong moon get agitated quickly and are hot tempered. If Rahu is placed over moon then the will not have thinking power and will get agitated by small things and can even take to physical violence and self-destruction. Professions like a doctor, psychologists and healers need people who are sensitive and have a cool mind.

It is generally found that these professionals will have a strong moon. Women must have a good moon else they will not be able to become a good mother and wife. A mother has to have a cool mind to deal with the challenges of bringing up a child. Similarly the nature of a man is to lose temper easily if the woman in his life is not cool minded it can be a problem.

Sun makes a person aggressive and moon makes a person a people’s person. Everyone wants to have a peaceful life where they share a harmonious relationship with people around them. If you want a life where you care loved by all then you must try to deal with the Chandra dosha in an effective manner.

Remedies for Chandra Dosha

Well now that you know what the Chandra dosha is all about and why moon is important in our horoscopes. Let’s move on to how you can deal with the Chandra dosha. You must consult a good astrologer to understand if you have the Chandra dosha.

Only when you know what dosha you have and how strong the problem is then you can select the best remedy. The remedies that we are suggesting might work for some. You must try to do one remedy at a time to reduce the effects of Chandra dosha on your horoscope.

  1. Try to wear a white pearl. White pearl play a significant role in changing the position of the moon in your horoscope. The size of the pearl has to be determined as per the degree of Chandra dosha that you are suffering from. Pearl can be of various categories and only after consulting an educated astrologer you can determine which one to wear. The ring must be made with silver metal only. Gold does not go well with the moon. You can wear the stone as a ring or as a pendent as you wish.
  1. As we have already said moon means peace and the colour that is associated with the moon is white. To deal with the Chandra dosha you can donate things that are white in colour. For example rice, camphor, silver, white cloth, white flower, sugar, etc. This should be done on a regular basis and will definitely please the moon.
  1. There are some mantras of the moon that you can recite. It is a must to recite these on Mondays. Monday is the day of the moon. Else you must recite them once a day if you feel like. These mantras can immensely please the moon and help you deal with the Chandra dosha. Some of these mantras are – “Om Shram shrim shraum sah chandraya namaha”.
  1. There is also a very general mantra of the moon that can be recited and it is “Om Som Somay Namah”. This must be repeated 11000 times in the evenings in order to please the moon.

These are the different things that you need to know about the Chandra dosha. We hope that this article will help you get a better idea of what the Chandra dosha is all about and how you can deal with it. The best thing to do would be to deal with the Chandra dosha at the earliest it can help you lead a much better and peaceful life. Just ensure that the remedies that you choose are based on a detailed study of your horoscope.

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