All About Libra Man: Free Libra Astrology – September 23 To October 23

All About Libra Man: Free Libra Astrology – September 23 To October 23

Libra man is considered to be one of the most charming men in the zodiac. We will now discuss how exactly you can win the heart of this very charming Libra man and become his queen. Well like all other signs the Libra men also have their share of positive and negatives that you will have to deal with and also learn to handle them.

Libra Man

Libra Man

Love is Important

He is a man who likes to be loved and always wants to be in love. Being in love is so important that sometimes he will even chose a relationship that is not good for him at all. Libra has a soft corner for beauty. He likes luxury and extravaganza even if he cannot afford it at times. Libra likes to be fair in all aspects of life this is one reason why the Libra is indicated by the symbol of scales.

The Significance of Scales

He is one who can very well differentiate between right and wrong. The Libra man loves peace and if you assure him of peace in life he will always fall for you. He does not like being confronted. Libra man is easy going and he will hardly complain of anything. This can be a good sign. However, if he has a strong moon sign he can be quite critical too. So far we have listed the positives of the Libra man. Perhaps it’s time that we list some negatives of this charmer. He is a person who is indecisive. He will procrastinate and his habit of thinking too much can often be really irritating.

Slow But Steady


The Libra man likes to be with women and women like his company. If you are a little possessive type then you may stay away from the Libra man. This is because he will continue to have women as friends. However, they are not flirts. They are not among those sun signs who like to flirt around. They want peace and harmony which they can get only when they are in love with one woman. The Libra man will never cheat a woman he truly loves. He is not among those who will get into a relationship and out of it for no reason. He will fall in love slowly after he is sure and will be protective and caring as a lover.

Creative Creature

The Libra man is creative he will have some passion or the other. He may be a singer, a writer or an actor. So you can expect to find a Libra man in museums, galleries, theatres, etc.  They appreciate art and want a partner who can share their passion. The Libra men have a large heart. They are often involved in charity and they also love animals and pets. So you can find a Libra man in charity shows and also in orphanages. They like women who have a heart of gold and who help the poor and the less fortunate people.

Impressing The Libra Man

If you want to impress a Libra man maybe you can try volunteering for a social cause. When you passionately talk about a social cause that you belive in and how you help the poor and the needy you will definitely strike a chord with the Libra man. Another very effective way of impressing a Libra man would be to find out what exactly his passions are. If you get to know that he writes or likes books take him to a library or buy him a book. If you come to know that your Libra man loves music then gift him some good music or take him to a concert that he always wanted to visit. The Libra man will feel comfortable in your company when he will notice that you and he have similar passions in life.

The scales also love exquisite food and clothes. You can join your Libra man in shopping and pick some stylish clothes and accessories for your man. Maybe you can suggest him what will look good on him or tell him about a new brand that he must try. Take him on a date to a good restaurant and order the most exotic dish ever. This will really impress the Libra man. One point you must know about the Libra man is that they are emotional as well as practical. They will fall for you only when they are sure that you have the ability to full fill their needs in all the levels that include physically, intellectually, emotionally, spiritually and even economically. It may sound a little weird but Libra men like women who are intelligent with money. They like spending but they also want to learn how they can multiply their wealth really fast. If you can talk intelligently about investments and money then too you can impress the Libra man.

Dress Up Well

When you are dating the scales remember that they have a thing for beauty. So ensure that you are dressed in the best clothes and you have proper makeup on. They do not like too loud colours so try to keep the colours pastel and soft. The makeup should be bare minimum. You must look stylish and elegant this is essential for the Libra man. Stand out from the crowd so that the eyes of the Libra man are on you and he does not feel the need to look around. They Libra men like women who have a good skin and lovely hair. So do ensure that your hair and skin is well maintained as you are dating a Libra man. We are not saying that just looking good is going to win the battle for you. All that we are saying is that this will help you to impress the Libra man.

Small Gifts

Now that you have got the attention of the Libra man it is time that you make him fall in love with you hopelessly. This is possible if you keep complimenting him. You can compliment him on the way he looks and the sense of style that he has. This can really make the Libran very happy. The Libra man is not materialistic but if you send him small gifts and flowers he will love it. If you are a creative type then you can write notes and send them to him. This will make him feel really happy and cared for.

Surprise Him

The Libra man likes activities so plan day outings and picnics for your Libra man. You can surprise him with a candle light dinner at home. You can arrange for a party at home where you invite all his friends. He will remember the small gestures that you do for him. This can really impress him and make him fall in love with you completely. The Libra man will propose when he is sure of what he is getting into. He will make it romantic and special so just wait for him to be completely convinced. Do not force him or put pressure on him. This is very much required when you want a Libra man for life.

The Libra men are charmers and we have tried to discuss almost all the points that you can keep in mind as you try to impress the Libra man. We hope that this article on all about Libra man will help you to understand what Libra man is all about and it will help you to win over one. The Libra men are easy to get along with. They do not like complications so keep life simple and you will have  one of the most reliable zodiac signs with you for a lifetime.

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