All About Leo man

All About Leo man

Leo is represented by the lion in the horoscope language. It may sound a little scary a sign for romance but believe me Leo man has a heart and warmth that cannot be found in any other man in the zodiac cycle. The Leo man is the leader. He will always prove to be the bravest in the group and will always protect you. Leo men have the highest loyalty and they never cheat on their partners.

If you happen to date a Leo man, then this horoscope or astrological analysis of his traits will surely help you to win the heart of this man. Lion is the king of the jungle and so is the Leo man. He wants to rule those who are around him. He can be a great husband and a wonderful father too. The Leo man will be generous and also show a lot of chivalry. Now that you have a brief idea of how the personality of the Leo man is we will now move on to discuss how you can impress the Leo man and make an everlasting impression on this man.

Leo Man Horoscope Analysis

Leo Man Horoscope Analysis

The Leo man is ambitious and wants to get all the power. If you are planning to impress the Leo man you have to understand his dreams and ambitions. You have to respect the fact that he loves his dreams. Try to help him achieve his dreams and he will really love you for all the support you have given him. There are many men who will forget those who helped them be what they are but a Leo man will never. This is the unfailing loyalty that makes the Leo man what he is. No matter how big he becomes he will always come back home to you and will remember all that you sacrificed for him. Isn’t that a great deal.

The Leo man like people who flatter him. Even if the compliment is not well deserved it will make him happy. So flatter the Leo man and see how happy he gets. He is proud of himself and he likes people who praise him. You can compliment him on everything from the way he looks to the way he talks. The smile that a compliment brings to a Leo man is unimaginable.

The Leo man is the king. He wants to be in charge of the situation. So always let him take the calls. No matter what do not try to dominate him or make him do something that he is not willing to. He does not like the idea of being controlled. Let him be in control of the situation and you take the back seat. The Leo man is brave and he is a good decision maker. It is hardly possible for him to make a wrong decision and if he does then he will take the responsibility too. He is not among those who like to play the blame game unlike the other signs. If you do not let him take the decisions he will feel that you do not have much faith in him and so the relationship is meaningless.

The Leo man likes women who are confident and who like to live life queen size and loud. If you want to be the queen of the Leo man you better have the attitude of a queen. This is a little difficult because you will have to hold your ground and also ensure that you do not hurt the super ego of the Leo man. So have a mind of your own and if the Leo man tells you something say the idea is great but it can be made better with a little change. He will like your diplomacy and also the fact that you appreciated his idea.

In a crisis do not behave like what I will do without you. He does not like women who are weak. How can a weak woman be the queen of a king’s heart? Be brave and strong. Always stand beside him against all the odds. Never try to dominate him but always support his impossible dreams. Being the queen of the Leo man is quite a brave task. They like women who are strong and also know how to let the Leo man rule. When you are dating the Leo man ensure that you prove all these points to him. This will convince him that you are the woman he needs in life.

The Leo man is expressive. He likes women who can express their feelings. Show affection and romantic display of emotions. They like women who are open about their feelings. You can tell the Leo man about your feelings. He will like the fact that you are brave and you are strong enough to express your love for the Leo man.

The Leo man is jealous. We have mentioned that some men can tolerate jealousy and some use it to identify their true feelings for you. However, the Leo man is opposite. Never try to impress him by making him jealous. If he loves you he cannot tolerate any man around you. Even the slightest idea of you having interest in another man will make him go wild in jealousy. The true lion will come in the forefront and I am sure you will not like to tame this beast.

Always prove to the Leo man that you are loyal, generous and honest. These are the three qualities that he swears by. If you can assure him that you have all these qualities by your action your job of impressing the Leo man is half done. He has a big heart and he likes to do a lot of charity. He will be very happy if you can join in the charities that he does. He will like animals and pets. Try to love his pets and get close to them.

The Leo man will have a lot of friends whom he had acquired over a life time. They are tried and tested. The Leo man is known to have good friends. Try to impress the pals. If his friends tell him that you are a good girl it will make a huge impact and he might seriously start thinking about you. The Leo man is very close to his family and his love for them is unparallel. You will have to ensure that you get close enough to his family and impress them whenever possible. The Leo man likes women who can take care of his family like he does.

The Leo man likes women who are well brought up and have good manners. Rude women are a big no to the Leo man. If you are on a date with him show respect to the waiters and speak to them politely.

You can ask him out the Leo man will be absolutely fine with that. So please go ahead and do so else he might go out with someone else.

The Leo man likes women with good sense of humour. He too has a keen sense of humour. Do laugh at his jokes this will assure him that you like his company. You can also take him out to a comedy night show and he will just love it. The Leo man has the taste of a king so ensure that whatever you do for him and how you treat him must be special. Take him to the best restaurant for dinner. Spoil him and be rest assured that he will leave no stones unturned to spoil you either.

Chivalry is the quality that the Leo man is born with. He will like to be the man. He will open the door of the car. Put his jacket around you if you are feeling even a little cold. He will like to do these simple and sweet gestures and make you feel really cared for. You must appreciate this treatment he is giving you. Tell him how well he takes care of you.

The Leo man likes physical activity so you can take him for a game. Try to play some sports with him. You can also take him out for a dance. He would like to dance around and also get close to you. Dancing is a good idea to reach the heart of the Leo man.

The Leo man likes women who dress well and look nice. If you look like a head turner the Leo man will be more than happy to be with you. Dress in nice shades of orange and yellow. The queen must look like one and also have the air of a queen. He will like the fact that other men are looking at you. However, do not wear very revealing clothes and look cheap.

When you buy a gift for the Leo men make it special and expensive. If it is a neck tie let it be special and exclusive. He does not like cheap stuff. If he is born poor he will walk up the social ladder and ensure that he buys the best. You can also give him flowers and cards to make him feel special. So keep a mix of both.

The Leo man is interesting and also one of the most charming men in the zodiac. We have tried to cover more or less all the points that you may like to know about the Leo man. Do keep these points in mind and I am sure you will make the right impression on this guy. Have a great valentine’s day.

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