Ancient Egyptian Pyramids: Experiences Of Paul Brunton

Ancient Egyptian Pyramids: Experiences Of Paul Brunton
Ancient Egyptian Pyramids

Ancient Egyptian Pyramids

For most of us the ancient Egyptian pyramids are a set of grand structures which are symbolic of exceptional architectural skills of Egypt in olden golden days. Yet there are other aspects to it as well and we do not mean to propagate the theory that it was built by extra terrestrial beings or anything. Yet there are certain facts such as the experiences of many people including Dr Paul Brunton who spent time with these grand structures.

A Primer

For those who are not familiar with Dr Paul Brunton let us tell you that he was a learned journalist working for a reputed British Paper and was a total atheist and did not believe in anything apart from the material world. It was only during his extensive travels in the Orient that he had some unique experiences which literally transformed him.

A Brief About Pyramids

Ancient Egyptian pyramids are one of the 7 wonders of the world. They have been fascinating us for years. Every year a lot of people visit the ancient Egyptian pyramids to get mesmerized by their mystery.  Well the fact remains that these pyramids have a great significance in the culture of the country.

Theories & Stories

Many stories and theories have been told about the ancient Egyptian pyramids. For years it was difficult to read the ancient language associated with these pyramids and this increased the suspense. Today the historians have successfully understood the language of ancient Egypt. We now know why and how ancient Egyptian pyramids were built, or at least we think we know, though there is a certain element on debate in this which we can keep for some other time. Hence the suspense and mystery related to the pyramids has not waned over the ages.

Some Facts

It is unbelievable that how man could make such structures thousands of years back. The materials that were used to build these ancient Egyptian pyramids were not found in Egypt, so they were brought in via the river Nile. The ancient Egyptian people knew how to mummify bodies. They had a culture that is one of the oldest and most sophisticated every found in history. The strangest part is that the ancient Egyptian civilization vanished all of a sudden. No one knows what exactly happened. Only theories are presented about the ancient Egyptian civilization getting lost.

The ancient Egyptian pyramids were built as the popular belief was that there is an afterlife. Everyone who dies may need the things that he or she used after death too. They may come back to get their bodies too. This is exactly why the bodies were mummified. All the mummified bodies along with its belongings were placed in the pyramids. If you want to know more about ancient Egyptian pyramids you can keep reading our site as we keep uploading interesting theories and stories about the ancient Egyptian pyramids.

The Story of Paul Brunton

Today we are going to discuss a fascinating story about the ancient Egyptian pyramids as narrated by Paul Brunton. Have you ever thought how it would be to spend a night in an ancient Egyptian pyramid? Well it’s a scary thought indeed. These pyramids are associated with death and are like tombs of the dead. It is like spending a night inside a royal grave.

This story is rather a true incident related to a popular writer and philosopher originally belonging to UK named Dr Paul Brunton. He was much interested in ancient scriptures and knowledge and traveled far off places in search of such experiences. In one of his such journeys, he actually spent a night in an ancient Egyptian pyramid.

He shared his experience in his famous book titled – “A Search In Secret Egypt“.  When he asked the government to permit him to spend a night in the king’s chamber at the great Pyramid he was denied. It is not allowed that a person spends a night inside the pyramid. However, he finally got the permission from the Cairo city police. I must also state at this juncture that legend says that even Napoleon too had spent a night in this pyramid when he went to conquer Egypt.

Paul Brunton

Paul Brunton

Dr Brunton was not totally new to such things but he had learnt meditation and related techniques. Before actually spending the night at the pyramid, The king’s chamber was made of granite. It was thirty four feet high, the doctor had fasted for three days so that he was completely alert and he could feel even the slightest of movements. He sat on the granite slab and he lit a small light. There was only silence all around him.

Of course it will not be possible to fully describe the experiences which he has narrated in the book since it would consume a few pages but I will try to explain some of the vivid details of that night. Paul describes it very beautifully in his book since he was a journalist by profession so writing came naturally to him. As the night progressed he could also see evil souls.

He described them as monstrous elemental creations. He felt very scared but then he was determined and he wanted to be there till the end. Soon these shadows went and what came was even scarier. He felt as if he was paralyzed  He saw some beings in ceremonial dresses. They looked like the high priests. These apparitions took him to a secret chamber inside the pyramid. This was the hall of learning.

Dr Paul Brunton felt that his soul had left him and he was gone into a realm that was beyond death. He could feel that he left his physical body. What he described was an astral projection. Astral body is similar to an out of body experience. Dr Paul Brunton said that he could see a silver line between his lifeless body and the body that was floating inside the pyramid. He could see his lifeless body lying on the floor of the pyramid. The ancient guides that came to visit him told him all about the pyramid. It was built in the time of Atlantis.

All the information inside the ancient Egyptian pyramid was given to him. He was told of all the secret chambers. Dr Paul Brunton could remember that entire story what he was told. He suddenly realised that he was back to life. He was convinced that he was given an induction of the pyramid by the priests who still live in there. The occult experts believe  that these priests do exist in there. They come to tell the volunteers that there is a life after death. This is to prove that souls do exist. When we die the physical body dies and the soul lives on.

Expert Suggestions

We must also state that many experts believe that the experience is indeed debatable. Many experts do believe that this experience cannot be trusted completely.  There is no subjective proof to support the claims of Dr Paul Brunton. Still metaphysics is a realm where science does not exactly come to the rescue as many of the phenomenon are not explained nor accepted by physical sciences, yet this does not in any manner deny their existence.

Dr Paul Brunton says that what he experienced that night cannot be compared to any other experience that he has ever had. Well at this point we can only read his notes on the ancient Egyptian pyramids and be fascinated. Because one would need to actually go and spend a night in the pyramid in order to prove or falsify these statements.

Still even little logic and reasoning does prove that whatever be their origin or source, it is true that the ancient Egyptian pyramids are powerful. They have stood the test of time and it is difficult to build such gigantic structures even today with so much technology around us, so there is certainly something mysterious about these ancient Egyptian pyramids.

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