Losing the Soul

Losing the soul is quite easily mistaken by the modern person to be associated with business or just inability to maintain a stable or controlled mental functionality. “The soul” has in the modern world lost its aesthetic meaning and transformed to be understood and be used more as a phrase.

For the metaphysics believer the soul is a much meaning full word that describes the inner invisible yet powerful part of a person. The inability to prove the soul’s existence scientifically has drifted many people’s minds in to not believing or ignoring the souls existence but within each person deepest thoughts the soul or an invisible power that has overwhelming power over a person still remains deeply engraved no matter how hard one may try to deny it.

Losing the Soul

Losing the Soul

For the believers of the soul’s existence, other important points concerning the souls care must be kept in mind. Maintaining the soul in prime condition is by far the most important since the soul is considered to be a person’s represent in the afterlife, and to give the soul the best chance of enjoying the afterlife one must maintain or improve its chances though out one’s life by going good deeds. Inability to care for ones soul by doing bad could result in punishment of the soul in the afterlife by the supreme power. For this reason believers must improve the soul’s chances by going good deeds while in the earthly human form/ body.

It is also important to take care of losing one’s soul before natural death. This may happen by accident or through un-mastered practice of soul travel. Certain sects miss lead their believers in to believing that by learning and practicing soul travel one could learn about his past and future, and the human mind is naturally built to be curious making many over curious people fall for this as they want to learn about both the future as well as the past. With soul travel the soul is unnaturally en-sighted to come out of the human body unnaturally and this creates an empty gap within ones physical body while his soul is roaming. Certain chants and words are usually used to protect the vulnerable body from losing the soul during this time but un-experienced people may fall prey to losing the soul to another body or contracting another wondering soul in to the person’s body.

This is known as losing the soul in the metaphysics definition and there are different solutions that can be used to regain the lost soul of a person. It is not 100% effective since re-attracting a wondering soul also depends on the amount of believe, faith and willpower one has towards the practice as a whole. People who have not direction or proper belief towards anything may end up losing the soul for good.

Soul travel also happens naturally since your body and mind must relax, during sleep ones soul separates itself from the body naturally and safe manner. It takes many years of practice and dedication for one to master soul travel without harming ones physical body and mind. The mastery opens the doors to a new dimension towards how we views life.

Although it is rare to hear of people losing the sole whether naturally, accidentally or due to lack of practice, it remains a major concern that must be addressed and advise provided to avoid it from happening to people in the future by informing them concerning the risks of losing the soul due to un-mastered soul travel.

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