Yoga, Meditation and Communication Skills: The Interconnection

Yoga, Meditation and Communication Skills: The Interconnection

The art of communicating effectively is essential for success in life whether you work in the corporate world, have your own business or even involved in household activities. There are many of us who have great ideas but just because we do not know how to communicate it correctly, we are unable to make the mark. Today we will find out how yoga and meditation techniques can help you improvise your communication skills.

The Essence of Communication Skills

Before going into the details of what benefits can be accrued by practicing yoga and meditation, you need to know what exactly is communication and the process is completed. Communication is not complete unless the person receiving the communication is able to understand the whole message communicated. When we say that yoga and meditation can make you better with communication, we mean both sending, receiving and understanding communication.

Importance in Everyday life

The importance of good communication cannot be over emphasized at any stage of life. When you are out of college you are fresh with ideas. You just need a means to let out all the ideas. As you enter the corporate world you need to learn that just a great idea is not all. It has to be packaged well. You will perhaps need to listen to others and then present your idea.

The earlier you start, the better it is so you must learn and practice the yoga as early in life as possible. Maybe just out of school or college will be a great idea. This will ensure that by the time you enter your career or profession, you are already skilled enough with the basic communication skills.

Yoga, Meditation & Communication Skills

Yoga, Meditation & Communication Skills

Yoga and Meditation: The Communication Connection

So let us come to the main point now. Many people ask me that meditation is mainly about silence and stillness and yoga is concerned with similar areas too. So how can the practice of yoga and meditation help you in something which is related to speaking or expressing yourself?

Well herein lays the paradox which is not very obvious to most of us. However, if you look deep you will surely find a connection. Let us start with an old and wise saying that “think before you speak and not after”.  Basically this means that you must reflect and ponder over anything before you let it out. This in a way means that you have a calm mind since a calm mind can always be more effective with thinking. A mind that is calm will come up with words that are well thought and articulated. A calm mind will ensure that you look at all the aspect of what you are communicating before you communicate the same.

Two Way Process

A calm mind also has the capacity to listen which is a vital aspect of effective communication. If you are not a good listener you will never be able to respond appropriately to the conversation. This will make you a weak communicator.

Ego Problems

Yoga and meditation also ensure that the ego of a person is brought under control. The modern management experts will tell you that ego is a big barrier in communication. Especially when the communication flows from the down to the top management ego comes in between. When you do yoga and meditation regularly you will be able to manage your ego better and become more effective with communication skills.

Mood Fluctuations

Another major barrier in communication is mood. When you are upset it clearly comes across in your communication or you have the tendency to take out your frustration on someone.  If you do yoga and meditation, you will be able to control your emotions and mood much better as a result you will be strong with your communication skills. You will become more approachable. It will help you to control your temper. Empathy is essential in communication this too can be developed with regular practice of yoga.

What Exactly To Do?

The question that now arises is that the logic of yoga and meditation in calming your mind, mood, impulses and ego is understand, where you should go next. Well yoga and meditation are very vast topics and you can start with several things like say daily morning meditations and then proceed to balancing your chakras. You can find a lot of such related information at this site.

We hope that we were able to explain how exactly yoga can help me with my communication skills. We recommend that give it s try and you will soon notice how you are improving with your communication.


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