How to See Aura: Auric Sight?

To perceive and see Aura we need to increase the sensitivity of our eyes and improve our coordination between left and right hemisphere in our brain. We have noticed that children see aura much easier than adult because their central vision is not damaged yet but when he starts going to school he gets trained […]

How To Control Aura?

Before we learn how to control Aura, we must know what is Aura. Aura is an energy-field of a person which reflects when it comes in contact with outer vibration. There are different ways to read Aura. With some practice anyone can learn to see the Aura. We have already discussed about the different methods of […]

How To Improve Aura?

Aura is an energy field of any living or non-living being, which puts an effect on everything which comes in the contact with it. There are times when we instantly like people we meet and at times we do not like some people fro no apparent reason. This all happens due to aura color vibrations. […]

Kirlian Technology

Kirlian Technology is the only way to register our Aura vibrations at present. It was in the 19th century that Nikola Tesla observed that our body illuminates in certain conditions. The name of the technology is coined after the name of Kirlian couple from Russia who recorded these images of body glow in the year […]