Pyramid of Giza – The Mystery Continues

Pyramid of Giza – The Mystery Continues

We continue the series on the mysteries that surround the pyramid of Giza. In the previous article we discussed that the pyramid actually does not have a capstone and nothing is known for sure why the capstone is missing or what was placed on top of the pyramid instead of a capstone.

The missing capstone

Why someone would make such a huge pyramid and keep all details in mind while building it and at the end of it they do not place the most important thing on top of it that is the capstone.

This is definitely difficult to believe. Let us see how the pyramid was built. Just imagine thousands of years back when man had only primitive tools and at that time nearly 2.3 million blocks were transported from all across Egypt to build this huge pyramid.

How could they build this super massive structure with no technology and equipment is in itself a huge mystery that we are yet to resolve?

The pyramid of Giza is a brilliant example of engineering skills that existed thousands of years back. The pyramid was plastered with white limestone.

The limestone was highly polished and it reflected the rays of the sun. This made the pyramid look like a huge white jewel. These limestone casing stones are missing today because they were used long back by the locals to build mosques.

These were not removed by those local people but a massive earthquake occurred in Egypt and as a result most of these casings fell to the ground and was later used to build mosques.

The Egyptians called these pyramids great light and they always considered them to be something very pure and auspicious. Due to this white covering the pyramid was actually visible from a very far distance.

The logistics

The point to be noted is how these huge stones were carried for such huge distances? It is estimated that the stones were carried from as far as 800 kilometres and that in indeed a long distance.

Even today it will be a huge task to carry such heavy stones through such a long distance. Not only were the stones brought so far they were also assembled in a perfect manner to build this huge pyramid that we see today.

A lot of slaves and workers were appointed for this job. They would use a hammer to cut the stones and then place them in wooden wedges. These wedges were soaked in water. When the wedges absorbed water they expanded and as a result the rock would crack.

Then these rocks were transported to the location of the construction with the help of boats. River Nile was used extensively for carrying these stones.

Although we know that this is how the pyramid was actually built it still remains a huge mystery as to how these stones were cut to such precision and were placed one on the other to build a huge structure like this.

Building a pyramid is actually not easy and especially one with such huge dimensions definitely needed a lot of engineering skills that we don’t know how was mastered by the Egyptians in such an ancient time.

The outer casing

The pyramids were also given a nice outer covering that was like a casing. These stones were again cut to precise dimensions and were placed in such a manner that the pyramid gets a smooth look.

These casing stones were made of lime stone. This ensured that the pyramid shines like a white diamond during the day time and can be visible from a very far distance.

This casing remained intact for a long time, it was only in the 14th century there was a huge earth quake and this casing fell. It was used to build mosques and the traces of it can be found in the mosques close by to the area.

Even today if you look carefully you can see some of the casing stones are still present in some parts of the pyramid that can give you an idea of how exactly the pyramid would look like in the ancient times.

The king’s chamber

King’s chamber has a large granite stone that weighs about 25 to 80 tons. This is again a huge mystery that how a stone of such a big dimension was transported for 800 kilometres from Aswan.

Millions of stones were transported over such a huge distance and were used to build a huge pyramid like the one that we see today.

Alien civilization?

Due to the size of the pyramid and considering the huge distance that the stones covered many have a feel that perhaps these were not built by humans at all.

  • Were the pyramids actually built by the aliens?
  • Could it be possible that aliens actually helped in building these structures?

Again we cannot say anything as there are no proofs of it. There are many ancient structures like these that are suspected to have some alien intervention in their construction and that can be found all across the world.

It is not easy to imagine that man had so much of technical knowledge to build something so gigantic thousands of years back. Even today if we want to build one like this it is next to impossible.

Perhaps these ancient civilizations were actually more advanced than what we think they were. They had a technology that they used not only for the pyramids but for the much other mysterious ancient architecture across the world.

This knowledge was then destroyed by something like a natural calamity and as a result today we do not have any traces of this highly advanced technology.

It is definitely a mystery that cannot be answered by science. A lot of studies were constructed in order to understand how they were actually built.

The fact remains that even though we know a lot about Egypt and its pyramids there is still a lot of strange mysteries about the pyramids that we do not know of and a lot of research needs to be done before we understand all that.

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