Origin of AM & PM (Time Related) Roots in Sanskrit

Origin of AM & PM (Time Related) Roots in Sanskrit

Do you know that the AM and PM terms which we often use to describe time of the day are not originally from English. Of course they have a meaning in English which is ante meridium and post meridium but it is believed that the real origin of the word is from Sanskrit language.

When it comes to science, the ancient rishees were no less than scientists of the day

Infact they have much more realization from within, with confidence they could say

Knowledge is power whether east or west, we dont despise one over the other

For progress is the ultimate goal from where it may come doesnt matter o’brother

It is not a question of whether ancient wisdom was better or the current ones are wise

It is certainly true that whoever dives deep inside, produces some results very precise

The ancient seers were scientists since they did research like the modern day technique

That is what makes those truths so specific, and their knowledge so much unique

Let us return to the past, to relive that glory and to know what was already known

Even if we have to take a leaf from the ancient book, we should take it as a loan

We should built on it, develop it further and return to mankind what really does matter

Whether written in ancient code or served in the modern day silver platter

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