Eighteen Giant Skeletons in Wisconsin

Today we will talk about a mystery that is nothing less than a tale of fiction. Skeleton of giants as tall as 10 feet, were discovered in Wisconsin. The heads of these giants were much bigger than the heads of a normal human being. A detailed study of the skeletons revealed some more mysterious facts.

The Observations from Skeletons

These skeletons had two rows of teeth. They had six fingers and six toes. They definitely looked like humans but these features made them very different from a normal human being and it is difficult to even think how such creatures must have evolved. The teeth were mostly molars and the long size of the head indicate that they had a long life span.

From where did these creatures come from?

Why was there no mention of such huge humans in any place. Well maybe they were not humans at all. They belonged to some other race. Maybe they were the giants. If you read the religious books and the old ancient texts you will see that more than often there are mention of giants who were huge and they had immense powers.

Were these the skeletons of those giants?

These sensational news that was coming from that area was soon put to rest. The scientists came in and they said that it was quite possible that humans of such great height lived in that part of the world at that time.

There was nothing extraordinary about this according to the scientists. The ancient graveyard that was discovered was soon sealed and the contents were also seized. With time the stories and speculations about these giant skeletons also came to an end.

The theory was supported with the points that even today there are many humans who are normal but they are much taller than the other humans. Just because they are tall does not make them a different race. There are many factors that can actually affect the height and the structure of a human being and that is no mystery.

The Official Shroud

The government and the scientific bodies ensured that the stories about these huge skeletons discovered do not spread and the situation is soon brought under control. The mystery actually does not end here.

In the last few years many such giant skeletons were discovered from around the world and the speculations about these skeletons again started.

  • Who actually could these beings be?
  • Were they humans of a different size and power or
  • Were they something else?

If you look at the size of the giants they from nowhere match the bodies of those who are living in these areas. The natives actually have no resemblance to these giants. Then who could they actually be? Is there something that the government and the scientific research institutes know about and they are trying to hide from us? If the skeletons did not have any mystery then why were they shielded from the public eye?

The Year 1891

Another very strange discovery was made in 1891. In Madison area inside a pyramidal tomb some huge skeletons were found. It was reported in the local newspaper and then the case was again declared open and shut by the government and all the skeletons just vanished.

The government of America has always been denying these discoveries but the fact remains that in the last 100 years many cases of such skeletons being discovered were reported. All these skeletons were found in the American Midwest.

The specific areas where these skeletons were located are Kentucky, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Ohio and Minnesota. Perhaps there was a race of giants that were ruling these parts of America centuries ago. However, many who have been studying the discovery of these giants say that such discoveries have also been made in parts of Egypt and Europe.

The False Hoax

Most of the time these reports are denied saying that they are nothing more than just a hoax as a result the discoveries have never been taken seriously and discussed in public. If these skeletons were of humans then why is the government of America trying to hide it?

This discovery was indeed an amazing one and perhaps more research needs to be done in this field. Another big mystery is where are these skeletons and how did they just vanish off? Where have they been kept?

Unanswered Questions

There are indeed many questions that surround the discovery of these skeletons. They definitely hold a key too many mysteries that we are yet to know. Were they just giants? Where they harmful or they co-existed with the humans of those times is not clear. Did they die a violent death or they died of some medical complications?

A more detailed probe must be done regarding the same and there is no denial about that. Some religious leaders also feel that there is a mention in Bible that gods themselves came to earth and they had children. Were these giants the children of god as a result they were so huge and mighty.

Whatever it was, what happened to them?

Another question that arises in the minds is what happened to these giants. If they were so strong and big how did they become extinct? What actually happened to these giants?

If the skeletons of these giants are being discovered from all around the world then there is a strong indication that there was a race of giants that lived on earth much before humans came in. These giants can also be a key to understand how life evolved and humans were born.


As of now we can only mention about the mysterious discoveries that were made around the world and giant skeletons were discovered. We can only assume what could be the reality of these giants as hardly many facts is known about the existence of these strange creatures.

When did they actually come to earth and how did they vanish. If the skeletons can be found again and study can be done on them then we can get these answers. Till then there is nothing much that we can do about it many people strongly feels that these stories are nothing but hoax.

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