When Baal Ganesa Did a Baal Hath

When Baal Ganesa Did a Baal Hath



Here is a creative picture of Lord Shiva enjoying some leisure time with His family and Sri Ganesh Ji is taking a selfie of the entire family. A few lines dedicated to the situation…

One day Bal Ganesh did a Bal Hath that I want a phone which can click a selfie of us all

Lord Shiva and Maa Parvati tried to pacify the kid, saying hey you are still just too small

Plus it is your age still to study the Vedas, Puranas and not to play with devices so tech

You can develop your own mind to take a picture of the self, what is the need for this heck

But as you know the Baal Ganesa was just curious to hold a mobile in His little hand

So He did a lot of zid, never stopped for a moment, was playing this constant band

Finally Lord Siva asked Narada to fetch a mobile phone for His son from the Earth lok

So Sri Narada ji went in the form of a human, bought the handset like an ordinary folk

He returned and handed over the set to Neelkanth who finally appeased His crying son

Lord Ganesa was over excited to see the new gadget, more than any other toys like gun

He asked everyone to sit close so that he could click a selfie and see entire family in one shot

We are lucky to have seen this image, to have darshan of entire family, the opportunity we got

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