The Price of Sacrifice: Why we still fight?

The Price of Sacrifice: Why we still fight?

Jesus Christ

It is for our sins, that the son of God gave up his life

So that we can live in joy, He endured all the strife

If He wanted, He could be free within seconds from this all

It is not without purpose that he didnt do so, such appall

When we sin, we should remember the cross He had to carry

How can we forget all that, just eat drink and be merry

Now just compare this act with what the people of today do

What all hatred is there in religion, what all we have to go through

When people fight in the name of Islam and Christianity, its a shame

Prophet Mohammed and Jesus are equal, just a difference of name

Let us remind ourselves of these great spiritual gurus and be kind

It will be a peaceful world, if all of us only our business we mind

If Jesus or Mohammed were to incarnate again in this cruel time

They would be surprised, how crudely we define their teachings sublime

They would be disappointed when they see men fighting and cutting each other

Did they not teach us to live like a family, and consider all as kith, kin and brother

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