No Dream Is Far Away

No Dream Is Far Away


There is no distance known as far for those who can dream

If you keep churning and yearning, milk will convert to cream

Just make sure your dreams do not fade away as you wake

For it is certainly not a bed of roses, neither is it a piece of cake

You will need to pay in sweat and blood, if you persist you will win

You may not have control over past, but it will eradicate all your sin

Refuse to believe in the limitations, that others tell you is not possible at all

If you stay calm and collected, you will certainly reach there and will stand tall

Do not be afraid of difficulties, there will always be obstacles in the way

Yet you have to keep moving despite all challenges, no matter come what may

One day you will reach the destination, that day you will surely realize

That the words you listened to were Divine, for they came from within the wise

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