Eat me or leave me: Choice is yours

Whenever you think next time of eating meat in any look and form

Just remember what lies inside, it is always true, it is always the norm

That some living being has died a cruel brutal death to satisfy your taste

Big businesses are thrive on it, they dont care if an innocent live goes waste

Eating meat is like eating these birds and animals alive so why bother to cook

You can eat them raw, without any problems, just see how does it feel n look

If you have any humanity left inside of you, leave this demon habit for sure

There is so much to eat in the world, which is just so healthy, cheaper and pure

Those who are addicted to eat meat will argue that life exists in plants of all types

That equal pain is caused to them, they are often misled by such futile hypes

Though it is true that life force exists even in non material objects in world entire

They say even Krisna taught to kill, they use such stupid and silly logic and sattire

However those who are sane are not bothered by these stupid thoughts and jibes

For life in plants is having lesser dimension, it gives less negativity and evil vibes

Of course to rise even above that levelĀ  you will need to ascent to a level so high

Till that time at least stop eating animated life forms, just stop help some sigh

There is so much positivity to share, why fill you stomach and brain with poison

Have control and develop a new vision, you will see beyond your limited horizon

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