Adab Se Pair Rakhna, Sookhe Hue Patton Pe

Adab Se Pair Rakhna, Sookhe Hue Patton Pe


Once we grow up and we do not even realize

We think we were born strong, brave and wise

Seldom do we remember that we were tender leaves

It is them who protected us, build our life by weaves

Now that we have grown strong and they have gone frail

We do not remember our roots, so busy are we in our blazing trail

Yet remember even if walking in the forest, treat the dried leaves with care

Thinking that they are useless, dont you think so, dont even dare

For life is like a cycle, very soon you will too reach that stage

You will repent later, if you do not control your rage

If you forget your roots, your entire journey will be a waste

You need time to ponder over to realize this, not just in haste

You have been warned, it is upto you to consider it or just ignore

That is the only advice and a golden one, I would say no more

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