Numerology: Birth Numbers and their Significance

Numbers have their own nature, vibrations and lend particular characteristics to individuals. Calculating the birth number and using the same to understand an individual is one of the simplest concepts of numerology. The birth number helps determine the character and personality of an individual. Let us start by learning how to calculate the birth number.

Calculating the Birth Number:

The day of the month on which an individual is the most important number in numerology as leads to the birth number. The birth number is represented by the number itself if a person is born on a single digit date from 1 to 9 and by adding the two digits for any date otherwise till a digit between 1 to 9 is reached. For example, for a person born on the 5th June, the birth number is 5, and for a person born on the 10th June, the birth number will be 1 (1+0). Similarly for a person born on 11th, the birth number would be 2 (1+1) and for a person born on the 29th the birth number would be 2 (2+9=11, 1+1=2) so on.

What different birth numbers mean?

The Number 1 Person: With the dominant planet as the Sun people with birth number 1 represent strong will power, determination. Just as number 1 leads all numbers so does a person with birth number as 1. They can easily be termed as born leaders. Active, high on energy, creative, brave and honest are some of the characteristics of persons born under this number.  With an interest in spirituality, they are happy optimistic and smiling people.

The Number 2 Person: Individuals with birth number 2 are governed by the planet moon. Imaginative, idealistic and dreamy are the best words that describe their characteristic traits. Hardworking and straightforward they are often caring and thoughtful of others. The dominant moon keeps them moody and in a state of confusion.

The Number 3 Person: Jupiter is the dominant planet when it comes to individuals born under number 3. Loyal, hardworking, strong adherence to morals and justice are the characteristics of a number 3 person. Often considered lucky, these individuals go ahead to make judges, teachers and philosophers. Jupiter brings along a hint of fire that makes these people short tempered.

The Number 4 Person: Birth number 4 is governed by the planet Uranus and as the planet represents energy and force so do people born under this number. This number represents a person with higher faculties. Attracted to the unusual, these people are often rebellious in nature, stubborn and spendthrifts. They excel at relations.

The Number 5 Person: Ruled by the planet mercury, number 5 people are independent are love freedom. Good with their communication skills they love to live in their present. They are restless and need to be on the move always. Essentially religious, they have a flair for sports.

The Number 6 Person: Venus is the governing planet for people born under this number. Beautiful people with an interest in arts they value relationships and are caring for their family and friends. Compassion and the ability to take sound decisions are their strengths.

The Number 7 Person: individuals born under this number are governed by the planet Neptune. Very much like people born under number  2, number 7 individuals are free in nature and do not like to be bound by traditions. Absent minded themselves they are often a mystery for others. Adventurous they love to travel.

The Number 8 Person: Governed by the planet Saturn, people born under this number are determined and persistent. Warm, caring, ambitious and inspiring for others are the best words to describe people born under this number. They have the ability to endure hardships to reach their goals.

The Number 9 Person: Strong both physical as well as mentally, people born under this number can hardly be called congenial. Born with the spirit of a fighter, they are courageous and determined people. Always in control they have the potential of being a leader. They love to help others and for them friendships are for life.

Wondering how this information can help you? The above information not only lets you know about yourself and the people around you. It can help managers in allocating work to the right people and  students to help plan their careers.

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