Sub. Major R.C. Dogra: RIP

Sub. Major R.C. Dogra: RIP


Metaphysics Knowledge pays homage to the Karamyogi Sub. Major R.C. Dogra who left for his heavenly abode recently. Our team acknowledges his role in motivating the idea of having a portal which aims to spread the oriental knowledge of spiritualism.

There are few people who live a normal life, yet imitate a liberated soul

They are true karamyogis, to live life for others is their only goal

When they leave the earthly body, they seldom do reincarnate

For they have wiped out the karmic traces from the life slate

Even if they have to be born again, they do in some spiritual clan

For they have fulfilled their purpose, as per the Divine plan

Let us Pray that the departed soul gets liberated forever

That it merges with infinite, not to take rebirth, no never

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