L.N. Hanumanthappa Goes For Higher Journey

L.N. Hanumanthappa Goes For Higher Journey


Metaphysics Knowledge pays its heartiest tributes to the true karam yogi who gave up his life for the nation, along with his other colleagues. A few lines dedicated to this soldier of the nation

The motherland is our first love, we place it above even our families for sure

Such is our dedication to duty, it is always the highest and the most pious and pure

We stand in the glaciers and do not seek any comfort for that is our comfort so great

To live and die defending the nation is embossed in our every gene, our every trait

Yet it is sad that there are some who do not realize the value of the freedom of the nation

They cannot even think of the challenges that we face everyday, in each posting station

Worse that that, there are others who sideline with the enemy and do internal harm

Such people only know the lust of money, they do the know the beautiful duty charm

Standing in the glaciers we just Pray that our motherland be safe even if have to die

Listen on my countrymen, I am continuing my journey, am not dead, so dont you dare cry

Jai Hind….

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