Ups n Downs of Life: IIT-NASA Scientist – Yesterday n Today

Ups n Downs of Life: IIT-NASA Scientist – Yesterday n Today

The Saints and Sages tell us not to take anything for granted and always thank God for the life we are leading. You never know what all ups and downs will come along the path of life. Here is a brief story of a Great Scholar who is an IIT graduate and NASA scientist, yet during later years of his life, he is living life like a poor man born on the street. We salute this great person but we only want to show our viewers that time and tide can turn tables anytime so always keep thanking God for the good times.God-of-mathematics

A few lines dedicated to this great person

This is the picture of a great scientist, who is a highly learned man

Even the hifi organizations like NASA wanted him, were his fan

He was at the pinnacle of name and fame, when suddenly the tide did turn

Dont know despite being so good and humble, which past karma did churn

From a famous person, he become an unknown entity on the local street

Not even his own kith and kin recognized, once who was so up and elite

There is no permanency in this constantly changing world except the inner soul

So just live like a lotus in the mud, just always try to reach the inner goal

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