Earth’s Revolution & Meditation

Earth’s Revolution & Meditation

Earth’s revolution significantly affects how we do mediation. When the earth revolves a special force is created on the surface of the earth. This force is applicable on all the living beings and things on earth. This is why in some parts of earth you will feel that your inner strength is getting channelized to a higher level and closer to the super power. Keeping this point in mind many spiritual foundations have come up with meditation centres that can enhance your experience of meditation.

The Yoga Tradition

As per the tradition of Yoga if you are between zero to thirty three degree on earth’s surface then the chances of your inner power to go up is stronger than any other point on earth. Especially at eleven degrees the chances of your inner power to reach the super power is at its highest. In the ancient times people did find out points on earth that would actually help them in the process of better and effective meditation. As time passed this most essential theory of meditation was forgotten.

The Theoretical Basis

We all know that earth revolves in an anti clockwise direction. Anything that revolves automatically creates a centrifugal force even earth creates this force and it is strongest at eleven degrees and it considered good till thirty three degrees. This force ensures that all the things on the surface of earth try to go out of earth. This force moves from your legs to head between zero to thirty three degrees and is strongest at eleven degrees. This force will ensure that the flow of the blood and energy is towards your head. If you want your energy to reach the maximum level then you must try this.

The Isha Meditation Center

As an example of a meditation center built upon these lines let us take the example of the Isha meditation centre which is located exactly at eleven degrees. Thus this ensures that anyone who is meditating here can easily channelize the energy to the super power and make the most of this energy. This meditation centre is called Dhyanlinga. Self realisation is stronger than any talent and any intellegence. If you have got self realisation you will see how easily your life falls in place and you can get the most of all that comes to you. Thus it is very important that we raise the strength that we all have within us and reach the level of self realisation through meditation.

Dhyanlinga is located in the dense forest of Vellinagiri    mountains. On special days when one is more receptive to the benefits of yoga special programs are arranged in dhyanlingam. Dhyan means meditation in science and lingam means the first and the final form. This place has been designed very scientifically keeping all the principles of yoga in mind that enhances meditation experience for one and all.

3 Factors in Meditation

Three things that you need for meditation is focus, energy and atmosphere. It is not possible to get all these three in the best of their form as you can find them in a place like dhyanlinga. Do visit this place to understand and appreciate exactly what we are talking about. There is a very special connection between science and yoga. As you go deeper into the subject of yoga you will realise that it is nothing but a science itself. As you meditate in this place you will realise how you are able to focus better and reach closer to the supreme power.

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