Sub Divisions of Distant Tratak

Sub Divisions of Distant Tratak

Sub-divisions of Distant Tratak:

  • Scene Tratak:

Begin the practice of Distant Tratak with Scene Tratak.

Better get up early in the morning and after attending to the morning chores proceed straight to the forest. Precisely when the sun is rising, fix your eye on the top of a tree.  Practise tratak on the tree top. After some time you will stop seeing the tree and its top.

You will see all around only the sky. You will see as if your body has grown pretty light and is floating all over the sky at a terrific speed. At the same time you also see all those sights which are vividly described in the Hindu mythologies.

Sun Tratak

Sun Tratak

In this state you will lose all consciousness of your physical dimension. You will enter transcen dal world. Now you will start remembering the past incidents. You will be able to go wherever you might want to go. For instance, in a state like this you may like to visit the Mount Kailash and have the worshipful view of God Mahadeva. You will feel as though your body is floating and that the kailash Mount is situated much below your body. You will be able to see Lord Siva and His consort Parvati. Whatever you see at a time like this will alone be reckoned as real.

After achieving success in this practice, you will be able to concentrate on any person real or shown in a picture. You will be able to gain control over him. For instance, after this practice, if you bring tratak to bear on some woman, she will immediately feel subjugated to you. She will carry out whatever order you may like to give her, regardless of the fact whether she is already known to you or not.

However, the practitioner must not indulge in unethical acts.

  • Star Tratak

There is a limit to our sight. We will not be able to see anything beyond this limit. The star is situated far, far away. So it is not possible to see the star with normal vision.

However the practitioner could fix his eye on a particular star at night. He should continue the practice. He must make sure that the star does not disappear from his view.

After a few days, practice he will feel that the star is getting more visible day by day. He begins to see such sights in the star as were normally not visible. At times the star will disappear from the view and later come back to the view.

The practitioner must go ahead with this kind of practice for about four months. Any place we would like to see comes before us in all vividity. Suppose the practitioner had not seen the Qutab Minar of Delhi at any time. Closing his eyes when he begins to meditate on the Qutab Minar, it will emerge before him in all vividness.

Indeed this practice is very significant, for it helps see such events as take place far, far away.

  • Sun Tratak:

It should be practised by those who have mastered the techniques of Fire Tratak and Star Tratak.

To begin with you start the Tratak practice by fixing your eye on the rising sun. It may be difficult to stare in the beginning directly at the sun. You could, therefore, begin the practice by gazing at its reflection in the water. Next you start gazing at it in the mirror. At this stage you can look at the sun directly. The duration of the practice should be increased gradually. It could be increased up to thirty minutes. Finally you can fix your eye your eye on the mid-noon sum. But it should not be for more than 5 to 10 seconds in the beginning.

I know a few sadhaks who can practise Sun Trarak for ten minutes. The person who can practise this technique for as long a period as 32 minutes is indeed blessed with divine vision.

The sun is most powerful. If we bring tratak to bear on the sun, the radiance of the sun enters our bodies through eyes. As a result our bodies are affected by divine grace. Our eyes get so brilliant that nobody will have guts to look at us face to face.

The duration should be increased steadily. If we hasten it unnecessarily it may impair our eyes. If one resorts to this practice without having first mastered Fire Tratak and for a longer duration it is likely that one will lose eye sight for good. One must therefore, be very careful about this technique.

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