Palmistry Ring Finger

Palmistry Ring Finger

Palmistry has studied the hand and fingers and most importantly the ring finger to determine different finger and hand aspects that determine the nature and personality of a person. The length, thickness, rigidity among other aspects are all important clues to determining a person’s nature, each finger in turn is read to tell a different story concerning the person.

palmistry ring finger

palmistry ring finger

A example of a simple technique that is used to read a fingers in palmistry is: long finger determine that the person likes to study everything to great detail where as short stumpy fingers indicate that the person has a bolder approach taking the more practical approach to get a solution.

Other aspects that are considered to determine the personality of a person are the length ration of each finger compared to the one next to it, each marking a specific character that indicates the person’s strengths or weaknesses. Each individual finger is holds special qualities as given below:

Fore Finger: confidence egoistic, ambitious and self driven,

Middle Finger: disciplined and balanced,

Ring Finger: Emotionally expressive, creative,

Little Finger: communication.


Balanced EGO can be determined when the forefinger reaches the bottom of the middle fingers nail.

Emotional balance is indicated by the ring finger reaching the bottom of the middle fingers nail.

Confidence is indicated when the fore finger reaches beyond the middle fingers nail.

Emotional weakness and creativity is indicated when ring fingers reach beyond the bottom f the middle fingers nail.

Lack of confidence is indicated when the fore finger does not reach beyond the nail of the middle finger

Emotional confusion is indicated by the ring finger being short and not reaching past the bottom of the nail of the middle finger

A prominent middle finger that stands out from the rest shows a serious and intense natured person.

A middle finger that stands out normally from the hand means the person is independent and has an outspoken nature.

Wearing Rings on Fingers

Wearing rings on the fingers indicates a person’s inner character, and wearing many rings on the finger show a person that is wearing emotional armor and relies on external powers to protect them rather than caring for their own well being.

Wearing rings on other fingers would indicate the following:

Fore finger: ambitious and egoistic,

Middle finger: a materialistic natured person,

Ring Finger: due to the nature of the ring finger being used for wedding and marriage rings but cases of emotional or creative frustration can be observed if the person tends to were multiple or large rings on the ring finger.

Little finger: the Gay community has a tendency of wearing the rings on the little finger but beside this it could indicate differences in sexual expression or desire.

Finger Signs

The sings found on the finger and on the palm are considered as very important in palmistry since the signify a great criminology of the person characters and the way they think can be determined properly and his individuality can be understood with the help of the signs. The signs used in finger palmistry are:

Javelin: javelin or arrow signs on the first phalange of the finger indicate the person in very capable of earning from intellectual points of view. They succeed in adverse conditions and win over the conditions with a capability to work according to the atmosphere. They are also associated with heart trouble at an old age.

Tent: signs resembling a tent on the phalanges of the fingers indicate of a kind hearted individual who rise high due to artistic talents that they have, they are also know for taking undue advantage from other or at other expanses and are also associated to unbalanced mental conditions resulting in troublesome family lives.

Circle: circles on finger are considered auspicious and such people a considered to be independent thinkers or originality at whatever they do and abstain from old beliefs and conservatism.

Arch: individuals with arches on the fingers are generally associated with laziness and of suspicious nature. The lack self confidence and also in others, they are illusionists and gain success and from mystic work and detective services.

Triangle: mystery surrounding a person is signaled by triangles on the fingers and they build body and metal strength though yoga. They are non social and like keeping to themselves while some people consider them orthodox.

Star: star sings on fingers symbolize fate full or fortunate and lucky, they seem to stumble up on wealth unexpectedly time and time again. They are happy financially throughout their lives and begin taking their finical luck for granted.

Net: fingers with nets on them indicate the person will have to overcome many obstacles and difficulties throughout his life, they overcome these difficulties with sheer determination and will power making them less combatable and happy in life.

Rectangles: rectangles on the phalanges of the fingers means the person is laborious or hard working, keeping the Goddess of wealth in his house intern getting prosperity and happiness in life.

More than one sign: in some cases there are more than one sign on the hand in these cases the person is entitled to the combined benefits of those sings.

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