Meditation & Modern Women Entrepreneurs

Meditation & Modern Women Entrepreneurs

The life of women entrepreneurs is very hectic and stressful as they have to manage both office and home generally speaking, and it can be a real challenge to manage both the worlds, especially if you have young babies or kids. We will now discuss about meditation and modern day women entrepreneurs. We hope that this will help you to understand how you can use meditation in order to enjoy a better work life balance.

When your life is very hectic and you have to manage a lot of roles then meditation can really help. All that you need to do is take out about an hour a day. You must find a peaceful place where no one will disturb you. Prefer to do it in the morning or before you sleep. This will help you to get better results. We will discuss some basic techniques of meditation in this article.

When you practice meditation on a regular basis you will notice that:

  1. You are able to concentrate better
  2. You will notice that your mind is more at peace
  3. You will feel physically more active
  4. Your blood pressure will be in control
  5. Your skin will reflect a natural glow
  6. You will be able to listen better and react slowly
  7. Your temper will be in control and you will not get irritated easily
  8. You will be able to manage your life better
  9. You will feel happiness from within
  10. You will realise that you have more time in hand

Apart from all these benefits you will be stressed less. You will be more relaxed. Now that you know the benefits we will discuss how you can practice meditation.

Practise of Meditation

All you need to spend is half an hour a day and the benefits that you will get is numerous. There are many meditation classes that teach meditation for a modern day women entrepreneur. You can join these courses and learn the basics of meditation. Later you can practice on your own. You must ensure that you do meditation on a regular basis for the best results. As you start doing it you will realise that it has become a habit. It may not be possible for you to do half an hour of meditation when you start. As you start practice meditation for about half an hour. You can slowly increase the time you spend on meditation.

Know Your Limits

You must remember that you are not a superwoman. You cannot be a brilliant professional a great cook and an exceptional mother at the same time. You must know your priorities and how much you can handle. If you feel that you are tired and need rest then you must do so. Sleep when you feel exhausted. Tell a no to your family or your boss when you feel that you cannot take any more additional responsibilities.  You can ask for help and you and also ask for support if you feel that you need so. Keep sometime for yourself and ensure that you unwind. You can read a book or listen to music. Do anything that makes you feel happy and fresh.

Prayers and Puja

You must try to spend some time in puja and prayers. Reciting the name of Saints and Dieties and praying to them can make you happy. It is possible that you will not be able to satisfy everyone at the same time. Don’t even keep a target like that. If you are working at office for five days a week then ensure that on weekends you are only with your family. You can tell your family and your husband about your responsibilities and problems. You can keep a dairy. Writing it at the end of the day can also be a great way to distress.

Simple Is Great

As far as meditation is concerned you can start with simple meditation. In this meditation you are supposed to sit in a padmasans position.

Lotus Pose Padamasana

Lotus Pose Padamasana

Keep your hands on your legs. Just breathe in and out at your normal pace, when you do so you must concentrate on the process of breathing only. Ensure that your mind is free and that you are not thinking about anything else.

Only when you can reach this state of mind you will be able to concentrate better. You ability to meditate will also increase.

Meditation is the process of leaving the mind blank so that the mind can come under our control. When you are able to control your mind you will be more in control of yourself and your action.

Vipasana Meditation

Vipasana is a popular form of meditation that is followed in Buddhism. You can learn the same from special courses that are held to teach the Vipasana meditation. This is a very popular meditation for a modern day women entrepreneurs. Many working women across the world use the technique of Vipasana in order to improve their mental and physical strength. You have to learn it from a special school. This is because it requires a lot of technicalities that only the experts can teach. If you don’t perform Vipasana in the right way you will not be able to gain much from the same. It can really make your mind stronger and help you to concentrate better. It can increase patience and make you a better decision maker.

Feel Happy

If you feel stressed at any point during the day you can just close your eyes and think about the things that make you happy. You can also close your eyes and concentrate on a Om symbol. You can also concentrate on a dot. While you do so take deed breathe. This meditation can make you feel more in control of your body and mind.  These are some simple meditation techniques that we would recommend the women entrepreneurs.

Meditation and a modern day women entrepreneurs is a vast topic. We have tried to cover some of the aspects of this topic. We hope that you found this article informative. Meditation has immense benefits. It is highly recommended for the working women entrepreneurs.

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