Learn To Do These Acts

Learn To Do These Acts


In this world enabled by technology and pressure to perform

We have developed habits that we need to let go and reform

When was the last time without a selfie you had a great smile

When you did not chat on FB but went personally for a mile

Have you ever tried to dream big without drugs being high

You will see you have that power within, you can reach the sky

We might be so used to drinking alcohol, never for a moment we think

Constant drinking will lead you nowhere, but on the disaster brink

These days even love is conditioned, more often than not

But if you catch a glimpse of true love, that day you will be truly hot

Let go of these civilized ways and manners even if for just a day

If the savages lived such luxurious lives, that way it should stay

Let us revert to the age old times and days and be free once again

For these technologies may be a boon, but could also lead us insane

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