Fate Line

Fate Line

The Line of Fate which is also known as the Line of Destiny. The Fate Line begins from the middle portion at the base of the palm and extends to the base of the middle finger.  If you look closely it is located in the centre, upright Line on the palm of the hand.

This Line is believed to be tied to all important aspects related to a person’s life.  The Line contains references to one’s educational preference, successes in one’s career and the prominent obstacles that one may come face to face with in personal and professional life.

Variations and Interpretations of the Line of Fate

A straight and long Fate Line  that starts at the base of the palm and ends at the Mount of Saturn, which is the mount located at the base of the middle finger. And if this Line contains no breaks  or gaps, this type of Fate Line assures a continuous income throughout one’s life.

The appearance of two Fate Lines on a palm is found in the palms of persons who pursue multiple careers simultaneously. Having a double Fate Line is considered to be a lucky sign as it secures one a notable career.

If there is a break in the Line, it is a sign of misfortune and loss.

A deep and darken Fate Line represents a person who settles down early into a structured disciplined life.

Chained Fate Line signifies many ups and downs in one’s life.  He may always between the line of success and failure. At most times he would see success, however the simplest of tasks may prove to very tough to complete.

The presence of a light Fate Line indicates that one will face many difficult times and multiple failures. Most often this person feels hopeless especially when the person keeps trying and there isn’t a positive result.  However the presence of the Sun Line in the palm can alter its effects.

In Palmistry if the Fate Line is not visible, other Lines on the palm can be considered to get information about the future.

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