Differently Abled: The Gems of Humanity

Differently Abled: The Gems of Humanity


Look at us, we are just as normal as you are, even if we are not able

Yet we do the most amazing deeds, as you would hear in a fable

We are above the normal and ordinary, we are very special for sure

Without any trace of worldly pollution, we are very innocent and pure

When you see a specially abled child, just remember about our strife

We are the ultimate warriors who fight a battle with everyday life

Given a chance we can do anything, even the greatest of tasks

Yet we are very simple, for we live without any artificial masks

True to the core, pure to the limit, we are so close to God

Within one second we can feel within whoever is a fraud

Just give us some support and understanding and you will see

The tiny seed of kindness will help us to grow into a mighty tree

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