Custom Christmas Decorations

Custom Christmas Decorations
Custom Christmas Decorations

Custom Christmas Decorations

The moment one hears the word Christmas, one tends to think of Santa, a sleigh, the reindeer, a Christmas tree, the bells, the glass balls and all those colorful streamers running all over the room. Some how Christmas ornaments and decorations are bright enough to lighten up gloomiest of winters. Every household wants to use innovative and custom Christmas ornaments and decorations to make their home look special and ready to welcome Santa.

To a great extent one spirit that traverses through all ages is that we all love to decorate our house and our work place. We want it to look the brightest, the happiest   and all done up with innovative ideas. So what are you planning to do this Christmas to ensure that Santa is pleasantly surprised?

X-Mas Decoration

X-Mas Decoration

All of us think of new and out of the box ideas to make the Christmas season special and really festive. Custom Christmas ornaments are of different types and they can really add a new look to the festivities. Though the charm of making these ornaments with one’s own hands while sitting around with the family is  matchless the easy way out is to pick ready made stuff from the market. The markets are flooded with items and ideas that can be used as ornaments for decorations.

Custom Christmas ornaments are small items that are used to decorate the houses during the festive season. Decorative ornaments when customized can increase the decorative value of things being used. These can also serve as excellent gifts items for your friends and family.

Let us discuss some options of decorative ornaments that can be used for Christmas decorations:

  • Animated Dolls

You can get some animated dolls each representing a member of the family. Mention names of family member on the dolls. These can be placed on the stockings of each member. They can be also placed at the entrance of the house and the Xmas tree itself. Similarly you can get dolls made of fur with name of each member on it. You can also find a Santa with a list. Just mention the name of the family members on this list and you have a personalized Santa in your house !!

  •  Welcome and other Messages

You can use an engraved custom Christmas ornaments that will have a welcome message for those who are coming to your house on Christmas. These can be in wood, plastic as well as in crystal.

You can get small custom Christmas ornaments that are made of paper and cardboard. There have messages on them like “Merry Christmas from the Nelson family”. You can print these and send it to your friends as an invite. Some of these custom Christmas ornaments can also have photographs of the family members to make them even more personalized.

You can also add the year to these messages. Some people use the pictures of their babies and children on these custom Christmas ornaments. You can also add something like “In loving memory of so and so”. Just ensure that the custom Christmas ornaments is as per the theme of the Christmas party that you are throwing.

  •  First Christmas 

If you have a baby or a couple who is celebrating his or her first Xmas then you can make custom Christmas ornaments accordingly. These will make the occasion even more special and add to the memories. For newborns you can pick a custom Christmas ornaments in the shape of a toddler and on it get engraved “my first Christmas – name of the baby”. You can also get small dresses and sweaters that will have the name of the baby who is celebrating his or her first Christmas. You can place these on the Christmas tree or even place them in some other part of the house.

For a newly wed couple, again special messages can be made and displayed at different places in the house. The special messages can carry photographs of couple. You can have a bride and a groom doll with your names on it too. Similarly if the Christmas party is in your new home you can write “our first home” on the custom Christmas ornaments.

  • Balls & Bells for Decorations
Beautiful Candles

Beautiful Candles

Bells, Balls, Balloons, Streamers, Vases, Bowls, Stars and Candles there are a variety of decorations that can be used on the tree and all around the house. You can also create streamers at home or give your children colored paper, scissors, glitters and some glue stick to make them. both your children and you shall feel proud when your guests will admire their creativity.

  • Fragrances

Candles, room fragrances can add to the overall ambiance of the room. Your house smells fresh and sweet  when your guests come over.

You can get all the above items from the market, make them on your own or shop for them online. It is best to do a little survey before making the actual purchase. Start saving on your decorations and ornaments of a year to be reused the next year.

The next year you could use the ornaments and decorations as such or by innovating with them. This would not only help you have a lot of decorations the coming year but will also be a big saving on your pocket.

Where To Find Custom Christmas Decorations

Of course since we cater to a global audience, it would be nearly impossible to give all locations which cater to custom Xmas decorations, still some of the places you could order them online are

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