Trump Effect: Spirituality vs Politics

Trump Effect: Spirituality vs Politics

We at Metaphysics Knowledge usually keep away from political stuff no matter how big the issue or important the debate. Yet at some places it can be seen that spirituality, religion, politics and life intermingle to such an extent that it is difficult to see it in isolation so here we are with our views on the recent US polls which got over today.

The Spiritual Connection

You might jump at the conclusion that we will talk about Trump but basically we ant to talk about the philosophy behind it and its relation to spirituality. Any person unless he or she is a hermit and lives in the himalayas, has to fulfill the duty of voting and people in the US are no exception. Hence how would a spiritual person view this change, let us find out in these few lines


The Trump Effect

A true leader is one who sticks to some principles and values no matter what

Whether a male or a female, he or she should be of high character not a slut

He should have love for everyone in his heart, there should not be any hate

For if such a person gets elected, only Allah knows what will be the nation’s fate

Yet the people have chosen someone who displayed insanity at so many a time

That now one can only wait and watch what will occur next with a glass of lime

Sometimes the face put forth in the campaign is just to please the voters and not true

May the Supreme Power ensure that this hatred does not spread in the world through

Whatever has happened cannot be changed for it is set to be on the course of history for sure

We can only Pray that He now guides the nation with a true mind and a heart which is pure

When one sits on the throne, then the views changes as the perspective changes from above

Even one who seemed ferocious and cunning like a wolf may actually turn out to be a dove

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