How To Develop A Better Relationship With Your Child?

How To Develop A Better Relationship With Your Child?

You might wonder on reading the heading as to what is this post doing on a site related to metaphysics and spirituality. Well just a little reflection would show that since child is the father (mother) of man (kind) it is important to nurture and nourish the child so as to have a better future generation.

So keeping this in mind we will discuss some tips in general that you can follow in order to become a better parent. Parenting has become a very stressful job today. A big concern is that both the parents are busy and they do not want to leave their careers for the child as a result the child sometimes suffers.

Parenting Evolves Constantly

The most important thing to know is that parenting is something that is not constant and it will keep changing from one child to the other and from time to time. No matter how many kids you have you will continue to evolve as a parent. We will try to list some points that are critical as you deal with your kids.ChildCare

You must create a right atmosphere for the child to grow. The home should be filled with a certain sense of love and joy that makes the child comfortable and also ensures that the child longs to get back home. As we all know and say home is where the heart is.

Love and Security

You must make an atmosphere where the child feels loved and secured. If that is provided the other things will automatically be taken care of. Always remember that the main aim of you as a parent is to ensure that the child is at least a little better than what you were both intellectually and emotionally. The next generation should be less fearless and have less hatred.

The mind should be free and they must be ready to explore. This is the prime responsibility of the parent but not sure how many parents actually follow this. If you dislike someone or something do not expect your child to do the same. The child should be allowed to live life afresh and make choices of his own.

Understand Needs

Most of the parents do not understand the needs of the child. All kids are not the same and they do not have the same needs. Why should your child become something or someone that you could not become? Let the child have dreams and aspirations of him and her own. Sometimes the child may dream about something so big that you could never have even thought of. Do not discourage the child. Let the child dream big. Similarly if the child has small dreams let it be so. What matters is that the child must be happy.

Every child has its own needs. Similarly if you provide everything to the child easily the child will start takings things in life for granted which might be very wrong for you. Let’s give an example here. A cocoon has butterfly inside in. A struggle of forty eight hours is required for the butterflies to crack the cocoon and come out. If the butterflies cannot come out they all may die. However, if you crack open the cocoon and let the butterflies come out without the struggle do you know what will happen?

Let Them Struggle

None of the butterflies will be able to fly. What is the use of a butterfly that cannot even fly? So you must let your kids face the challenges of life if you give them everything easily they will never be able to grow up and become strong individuals.

Less Pampering

Every plant has its own requirement for water some need more and some can do with less water. In the same manner some kids are strong and they do not need too much of pampering. If you do pamper them the child may get spoilt and become a brat. This is something that we do not want at all. We want the world to get effective individuals in the future. The kids are after all the future of the nation and the world.

Learn from the Child

Spend some time with the child so that you can learn from him or her. As soon as you become a parent do not become a teacher instead becomes a student. Try to learn from your child. Although the child is much younger than you he or she can teach you some very important lessons of life. The kids are happy and as a result they always spread happiness among the people around them.

Smile with the child and play with the child. Even a few moments spent with the kids on a daily basis can really improve the quality of your day. When you respect the child and try to learn from them the parenting journey will become much smoother. As an adult we have really complicated our lives. A child can bring in a lot of freshness to your life do enjoy it.

Less of Control

Another mistake the parents often do is that they try to control the kids. Do not do that let the kids do whatever they want and make them happy. You must allow the kids to be the way they want. If you really love someone you must bring them up in such a way that they learn to survive on their own. If you look around you will see that all animals do teach the newborn the basic skills of surviving in this world.

Do not entangle the child in your love instead let the child be free and let the child enjoy his or her life. You should never impose your thoughts and ideologies on the child the results can be very painful for both you as well as the child. Only ensure that the intelligence and intellect of your child is growing. You must ensure that your child learns new things and he is not under pressure.

Lesser Tech Gadgets/More of Nature

The childhood is for enjoying and that must be the main aim of the parents. The child should bond with nature and appreciate natural things. Spending time with gadgets will not let the intelligence of the child to develop. Put the child in a situation and see how he or she can handle it.

The closer you take the child to nature the better it will be for the development of the child. Natural light of the sun, breeze blowing, the sea water, the blooming flowers can make the childhood very memorable and special. The child should know the basic traits needed to survive. He or she should know to swim and climb a tree. The child should grow up to be a complete and stable human being both mentally and physically.

You must be at peace within yourself and feel joyful. If you are frustrated and angry all the time you will be sending the same message to the child. Parenting is a very responsible job and it must be done well because you are handling the future. You are giving someone the future of the nation and the world. If you are very angry do not show it infront of the child.

Control Your Emotions

Try to control your anger and always control your emotions. The child will be happy only when he or she will see you happy and enjoying life. The first lessons a child learn is from his parents. If you are a balanced person you will be able to bring up a balanced child who is happy and smiling. Kids are like clay you can mould them the way you want. We all live a very stressful life and get angry easily. We are becoming less and less tolerant to others. Parents today have kids in middle age and as a result they are not physically strong me enough to spend quality time with the kids. No matter how much money you spend on day care and nannies you will never be able to replace the love and security that the kids feel in the presence of the parents.

Spend Time With Them

Spend a day with the child. Take the child out to the park and play with them. As you play with the child become like a child yourself.  Instead of buying the most expensive toys spend time. Your child needs your time and not your wealth. You need to earn definitely but don’t spend all your time in earning money. There are more important things in life that money cannot buy. If money could buy you love and commitment then the richest countries in the world would not have had the most depressed people.

Children are meant to give happiness to others. You have a child and your responsibility as a parent is huge. Do not stress yourself. Be at peace. Learn to manage your time well and spend a good few hours with the child. When you are with the child let no distractions come between you and the child. Television, mobile, work everything should be kept away as you are playing with your child. The child needs undivided attention and love. When they get these they will automatically become happy.

These points that we have mentioned is not the responsibility of the mother or the father. Both parents are required for the development of a child. A mother makes the child sensitive and can comfort the child like no one else. I am sure you must have noticed how a crying child will stop crying immediately after the mother picks up the child.

Similarly when a father comes back home the child is so excited this proves they need both the parents. A father can do many activities with the kids that a mother may not. A father also gives a sense of security to the child that no one else can. The journey of parenting is a magical one and we hope with these points you will be able to make the journey even more magical.

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