Can you accept someone you do not like at all?

Can you accept someone you do not like at all?

We often come across a different type of people in the world we like some and we do not like some. It is easy to get along with people whom we like and love. It is equally difficult to get along with people we do not like. It is human nature to like and not like someone. We cannot change that. Some of us like most of the people we meet and some of us will generally not like most of the people we come across.

Reasons for Dislike

Let us now look deeper into why we do not like some people. Well there can be many reasons. Maybe that person does something that annoys you or you just do not like the way the person treats you. Life is our choice as we have said before.


Mind is like a box. You can treat it like a store house of hatred and animosity for the people you do not like.

Else you can also treat it like a treasure box of love and happiness. When you hate someone you are automatically filled with a lot of negative vibes and that negativity will start to reflect in all the aspects of your life. Is this good for you? Definitely nothing negative can be good.

Love not Hate

The world would have been a much better place if people felt more love and compassion for each other. Almost every day you will hear about a terrorist attack at some part of the world or the other. The whole world is dealing with terrorism. So much of money is spent on wars and weapons.

If there would have been a little less hatred in the world the world would have been a much better place. Instead of spending millions on wars if they were spent to give a good life to the poor people of the world who do not get enough to eat and survive. This sounds like a distant reality.

Let us take the example which is very significant in this case. In the Asian country of India,  a leader arose who chose the path of non violence namely Mahatma Gandhi. He also did not like the Britishers he wanted them to leave the country. He did not pick up a weapon he just used non violence as his weapon. Non violence was then used by many countries of the world to gain freedom. If non violence could turn such a hostile and violent situation into a favourable one then why can’t we have a world where there is less hatred? It is definitely possible but it is difficult.

Why we hate?

First of all we have to understand why we hate someone. Sometime it is our own experience; sometimes it is the stories that we have heard that make us hate some people. Then try to keep yourself in the place of the person whom you hate. Ok i hate him or her because he is or she is very direct, very snobbish, very selfish, etc and the list just goes on.

So what if a person is selfish you hating that person will never change him or her right then why waste your energy in hating these people. Similarly if you want to change them just talk to them and try to make them understand why you feel that they are doing wrong and they must work on what they are doing.

Most of the people will also not actually understand why you hate them so why don’t you talk it out with them. If you do so your negativity will also reduce and you might see a positive change in the person we are talking about.

Not that people are all bad and all good. All of us have good and bad. You cannot expect people to behave the way you want all the time. Even some people may hate you for the way you are. Look at the rose plant if there is a rose there are many thorns in it too. You cannot look at only the rose. You will have to deal with the thorns.

We cannot teach people lesson can we? We can only tell them the rest is for them to learn. If you expect that so and so person will change the way you want them to then that is the biggest mistake that you can ever do. Can you change for someone or something no you cannot then how can you expect someone else to change. God or nature has its way of teaching people.

Life can actually teach you the most important lessons. So why don’t you leave it to god to do his justice. He will do it in his own way and that will change the concerned person you hate. Hate is a very negative word try to stay away from it. What do you think the terrorists are doing? They are building on animosities and they are developing a hatred for the whole world. What are they getting out of it nothing at all? Similarly we too will not get anything by not liking people.

Just smile

Next time you meet a person you do not like just smile at them and forgive them for all that they have ever done to you. You will notice that it will automatically bring a positive change in your life and make you a much stronger person. Forgiving someone can be the best thing that you can do to both the other person as well as to you.

When you do not like a person you will automatically give vibes to the person that are negative and that will come back to you. Try to look at people positively and look at the whole picture. God made all of us and he ensured that none of us is perfect. If we all were the same the world would have been very difficult to live.

You need all type of people and so try to be good to them. You are very small and the universe is huge. If something or someone is the way they are then there must be some purpose of nature them the way they are. Live life to the fullest and always be happy to spread happiness.

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