What Is Good Friday?

What Is Good Friday?

Good Friday is an important event associated with Christianity and in most parts of the world it is observed as a holiday. Basically it was not so good as the name suggests, but rather it was a black friday since Jesus Christ was crucified on that day. So let us learn a few things about Good Friday and its significance.

Who Killed Jesus Christ?

Before going further into Good Friday, it would be appropriate to take a brief look at the history of events related to crucification of Christ.

Good Friday

Good Friday

One of the disciplines named Judah actually betrayed Christ and told the authorities about his whereabouts in return for some material gain. It is said that he received about 30 pieces of silver metal which were quite precious and valuable in those times.

Hence Jesus was captured and tortured to death by crucifying him publicly along with two thieves who were caught due to some other crimes of theft. We will not go into the story as its pretty well known but we will try to find out a Spiritual significance of this event which is relevant to all religions and ages across the world

The Significance of Good Friday

  •   It signifies that in our lives we will be subject to all sorts of tribulations but we should stick to our values despite all odds.
  • It signifies the extreme level of humbleness where you should even Pray for anyone that hurts us
  • It signifies that even if you are a very good person, you can still suffer in many ways

Here is a short poem which signifies this day

What is there in this friday so good

When our Lord on a cross stood

It was one of the worst Fridays ever

Hope this is repeated never, never, never

Still the One who actually suffered with pain

Was totally oblivious of it, but only thought of our gain

For such are the great souls who come very rare

Else who can face such a situation with dare

Let us hope we also follow this path in life

We do not shake or fear anything even in strife

For that is the true significance of the sacrifice of the Lord

We should fight our own battles and have faith on God

Some people are quite surprised as to why is this day known as Good Friday even when Lord Jesus was put to death on this day but there are quite a few explanations for that. Some experts say that basically this was due to the original term being of German origin and some have some other explanations. Despite all the differences we should just remember the significance of this day.


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