Importance of Colours in Spiritualism

Importance of Colours in Spiritualism

We all like colours from small kids to adults all are fond of colours. Colours do add a lot of colours and happiness to our lives another interesting fact about colour is that they are also a gateway to inner consciousness. Colours do have a lot of importance in spiritual life.

In this article we will discuss how colours are important from a spiritual point of view. Colours must have a significance. That is exactly why God made this world so colourful. He had a purpose behind each colour that we see around us.


The Sense of Colour

The sense of colour is significant and each one of us has a different sense of colour. For example to some one bright yellow might be an interesting colour and some may not like the colour at all. Some people like attractive colours and some of us prefer dull colours.

The sense of colour has a lot to do with the state of our mind and the colour of our aura. The aura keeps changing with our moods and our state of mind. People who are on a spiritual path prefer to wear white or orange and they would not want to change these colours. They do not use too many colours as that will complicate things for them.

You must look at what you are now and do not try to become something that you are not. Some people who are into spiritualism sometime prefer not wearing any clothes either. That might not be acceptable socially so they wear a simple cloth to merely cover their body.

Red Colour

We will now discuss each colour. First of all let’s pick red. God used red for flowers. As soon as you see something red it will immediately draw your attention. Red is an attractive colour and you will rarely miss this colour. Red is for vibrancy. It signifies energy and power.

Blue Colour

The next colour is the colour of ocean and the sky blue. God used this colour to paint things that are beyond the ability of human perception. It signifies all inclusiveness.

The colour of Lord Krishna was blue. The blue aura is used to signify people who are larger than life. People who have blue aura are very significant spiritually and they can be good religious leaders.

Orange Colour

Another important colour is orange. This colour is often used by the spiritual leaders and those who have devoted themselves to the spiritual life. Especially in India. This colour signifies enlightment and anyone who is enlightened can wear this colour. These people have their third eye open and they have left their attachment to most of the things that are material in nature.

These people are ready to leave the life they are living and move into another life all together where they are not attached to anything or anyone. It is not an easy state to be attained by any human being. If you look at nature the colour of the morning sun is orange so if you have attained the knowledge and you have received the light of spiritualism you must adopt this colour. You must have reached a level of maturity only then you can use this colour. Today many people use this colour and even use it for propagating religious significance which is not correct.

White Colour

White is no colour at all. When there is no colour you will see white. White reflects all the colours. It is a very important colour. In India white was used by people who are following religion and spiritualism but they have not left the worldly ties like family. These people do not want to gather anything around them. They are free. Even today white is used by priests and also worn during religious functions like pujas.

Even widows are made to wear white just to signify that they have to live a colourless life and devote themselves to the spiritual world. This is a tradition that is slowly loosing it’s significance. No colour should be forced on anyone. We should be allowed to choose the colour that we like after knowing the significance of the colour.

Yellow Colour

Even yellow is a common colour that you will see in nature. Used by god to paint the flowers. Another very soothing colour that is quite attractive too. Some religious leaders especially in Buddhism use this colour. Buddha assigned this colour to those followers of him who knew about Buddhism but they would not be leaving their family life to pursue Buddhism. Even today this colour is used by these followers of Buddhism alone from religious perspectives.

Black Colour

The next colour that we must mention is black. Black is again a very powerful colour it absorbs all the colours and takes the form. If you look at nature night is black. Anything that has mystery is black. Black is not a bad colour, you must ensure that you do not wear it to a place that has negetive vibes because as black absorbs everything it can absorb the negetive energies too.

Try to wear black when the situation is positive wearing it to a negetive ocassion can cause you a lot of depression and suffering. Many people consider black as an unauspicious colour this is not true only the situation where you wear this colour can be unauspicious for you and definitely not the colour. If you are feeling negetive due to some reason try to avoid the colour black for sometime till you feel a little better.

These are the significance of all the colours that you see around you. Each colour has an importance of its own and we must try to understand that to make our lives better and go ahead on the path of spiritualism. So embrace the colours and make your life more colourful.

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