Happy Children’s Day 2015

Happy Children’s Day 2015


On this day let us celebrate childhood, innocence, pure love and joy

Just learn to play in the world as if it just another big piece of toy

Let us not fight over petty matters, live in peace, harmony and love

Let there be peace, and we live with our brethren just like a dove

When people fight over eating meat, whether it is pork or beef

When people quarrel over who is right, who will be the panth chief

Surely Allah, Waheguru, Jesus or Krishna are least pleased at all

It is such a stupid thing, it is a disgrace to humanity, its greatest fall

When you learn to be like a child, who does not remember any hate

When you realize that its your own karma, not any random act of fate

Then you will really become happy, you will be full of joy and will sing

That is the time when you will find your own true self to which you will cling

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